In the Patagonian grasslands of Argentina, certain sheep are bred for both the quality
of their wool, and the restoration of the land their grazing results in.

The Ovis XXI Ultimate Merino sheep are part of a land stewardship
that seeks to revitalize the dying farmlands of South America.

The sheep have a low ecological footprint, and the ranchers are focused
on sustainable farming practices for the benefit of the land and the herd.

Learn more about Ovis XXI here.

Unbelievably soft Woolfolk yarn is shorn from these sheep, and
is available in two weights: Får (a worsted) and Tynd (a fingering).

Woolfolk's Fall/Winter 14 pattern collection is full of unique, stylish, gorgeous
knits in both weights. Click the patterns below to view the collection.

We are so excited to be adding Woolfolk to our collection of yarns. Learn more about Woolfolk here.
You can read an interview with Woolfolk founder Kristin Ford on our blog.