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Luna - fine jewelry needle sizer necklace


Brand Knit Purl

Steal the spotlight with Luna.
Designed by Knit Purl in collaboration with Portland jewelry artisan betsy & iya, Luna is meticulously hand-crafted in small batches. The necklace is available in sterling silver or brass with silver chain and works as a needle sizer for US sizes 0 through US 10. The Luna necklace is optimized for Skacel’s metal Addi Turbo needles and makes the perfect gift to yourself or your favorite knitter.




Made in Portland, Oregon.

Luna needle sizer includes a 30" silver chain for both brass and sterling silver versions.

Luna is optimized for the following Addi Turbo needles. Luna will work for all needles in the specified size range.

US 0  (2.0 mm)
US 1  (2.5 mm)
US 2  (3.0 mm)
US 3  (3.25 mm)
US 4  (3.5 mm)
US 5  (3.75 mm)
US 6  (4.0 mm)
US 7  (4.5 mm)
US 8  (5.0 mm)
US 9  (5.5 mm)
US 10  (6.0 mm)

A Sunshine Polishing Cloth is included in each Luna order with care details.


Luna Necklace Design Copyright © 2017 Cameron Design Group, All Rights Reserved