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I'm pretty smitten with Sno. It's probably one of my favorite yarns. I am slowly working on Julie Hoover's Elmont pattern in color 1/15, with just the sleeves and yoke left to go. I started it before I hurt my wrists last year, and recently brought it back out after I recovered.

As much as I love that sweater and can't wait to finish it before the fall, I must say that got a little distracted when I saw the new Sno colors from Woolfolk.

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The new colors are all great additions to the lineup: 1/11, a striking cream/navy, 12/15, an alluring maroon/black, and 1/17, a classic cream and mink.

One of the reasons why I love knitting with Sno is because of how amazing it feels. Sno is quite pleasing to knit with, and it makes a downy, soft fabric that you can't resist touching. I know it's been said before, but it really does feel comparable to cashmere. In addition how nice it feels, I cannot get enough of the marled colorways. The barber-poled strands add interest to any knitting project, and ultimately create a kaleidoscopic, mesmerizing fabric. 

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The new colors are all equally amazing, but the one I want to start with immediately with is color 12/15, the maroon-black. There’s just something so intriguing about this color. It’s dark, but also interesting. My plans? League by Veronik Avery, with 12/15 as the main color, color 12 in Tynd for the saddles, and color 15 in Tynd for the sleeves. I love the idea of combining the marl with the solid colors it's derived from. 

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Here are some other ideas for using this beautiful marled yarn:


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Douillet Sweater by Noriko Ho. I love a good striped pullover, and I enjoy the visual patterning effect of using two different striped marls. 

© Melanie Berg

Mirkfallon by Melanie Berg. This shawl makes good use of the subtler marls, like color 1/2. The marl adds a bit of texture and depth to this beautiful piece, while allowing the lace to shine through.

© Woolfolk Yarn

Tryk Scarf, also by Melanie Berg. I would love to play with different colors in this scarf, perhaps using different colors of Sno for the blocks of contrast color, and Tynd for the main color. This scarf is a great combination of simple and challenging: it's mainly composed of mindless garter, with bits of intarsia to keep you on your toes. 

The splendid array of colors and irresistible softness make Sno a brilliant selection for your next project. 


August 15, 2016 by Oleya Pearsall
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