Within: Knitting Patterns to Warm the Soul

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The first pattern book I purchased was Seasonless: Mini Collection by Shannon Cook and Jane Richmond. I remember walking into the store a couple of years ago and there was a Seasonless trunk show happening. I was immediately captivated by the Palladio pullover so I decided to flip through Seasonless. From the patterns to the photography, I was enamored with the entire booklet so I had to make it mine.


Flash forward two years later and Shannon and Jane outdid themselves with their new pattern book, Within: Knitting Patterns to Warm the Soul. The things that I appreciate so much about Shannon and Jane, are their aesthetic and attention to detail. Once again the photography is beautiful and transports you to another place. One second I was in the store thumbing through Within and the next I was in a field during golden hour, being warmed by the last bit of sun. Besides the inviting photos, Within is filled with six warm and cozy patterns. From pullovers to mittens, get ready to cast them all on.

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For an ultra-cozy look and feel, I suggest knitting the Timber cardigan. Twisted ribbing is used in all the key areas of this sweater, drawing your eyes in. The lines on the back remind me of darts, adding a more tailored look. Timber will look fantastic in any color. If you are wanting something vibrant I would suggest knitting with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Cinnabar. The bright fire-orange, red will pop on the gloomy winter days. For a more neutral look go with Cast Iron, this deep charcoal will complement everything.

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Another cozy pattern is the Hudson wrap. This is the year round shawl. When I see the Hudson I picture having it draped over my couch ready for me to swing over my shoulders the moment I feel a chill. I recently bought some color pencils and plan to draw a few Hudsons and play around with color options.

December 02, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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