Our Favorites from Woolfolk FW17 Collection

© Woolfolk

Earlier this month Woolfolk rang in (arguably) the greatest season for knitting with a warm new color palette, introducing three new colors: numbers 18, 19 and 20. There is something absolutely savory about these figgy fall colors. The new pigments bring a sophisticated warmth to the Woolfolk FW17 collection that stands out among Woolfolk’s usual understated gray-white palette of collections past. The cashmere-soft 100% merino wools that make up fingering-weight Tynd and worsted weight Far lend themselves lovingly to the architectural brioche stitch that is so prominently featured throughout the collection.

© Woolfolk 

Knit Purl helped kick off the FW17 Woolfolk launch with its accompanying trunk show in our shop throughout September. After trying out each piece the Vejkryds Cardigan (designed by the Woolfolk team) was absolutely the most wearable, staple sweater of the collection and my number one pick out of the sweater category. Vejkryds translates from the Danish word intersect, and this cardigan stands confidently at the intersection of modern style and cozy comfort. You can snuggle up with coffee and a journal in the morning, then hunker down in the office to get work done wearing the same versatile piece. My favorite design element is the subtle shawl collar that sits comfortably at the neck and chest and won’t splay open excessively at the bust.


© Woolfolk

The collection has no shortage of unique accessories. Melanie Berg, known for her asymmetrical triangular shawls, surprised us with Gard, a modern rectangular shawl in a gorgeous dark plum color (#20). It is knit length-wise with a twisted rib and garter ridge pattern for a simple yet subtle geometric design. Drape it around the shoulders over a contrasting dress or blouse like the pollen-colored dress for a refined date night look or gather it around the neck for an extra warm winter scarf. Knit with five skeins of fingering weight Tynd it will yield a luscious, light-weight fabric with excellent drapey feel, keeping you warm without any excessive bulk!


© Woolfolk

The piece that caught my eye most as I pop in and out of the shop each day was the Omvej cowl by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. Its inviting brioche curves can draw my eye from across a room. If you’re feeling intimidated by brioche, Omvej is a great project to elevate your skills. Practice the basics on your swatch, then graduate to increases and decreases in the pattern and your stitches will be flowing in no time. Did you know that each printed Woolfolk pattern now includes a small woven clothing tag that you can delicately sew into your finished piece? With that sophisticated touch, your friends will want to know where you bought it. Be prepared—when they hear it’s hand-knit, they’ll beg you to make them one! That’s precisely why we’re thinking Omvej will make a luxurious holiday gift for someone special — and under $75 at that!


© Woolfolk



Give yourself a moment to take in the full Woolfolk FW 17 collection and share with us which pieces you can’t wait to knit.



September 25, 2017 by Charli Barnes

Woolfolk Tov Yarn

© Knit Purl

This past week, I had the delightful pleasure of swatching with the cushy, cozy Tov yarn, the newest from Woolfolk. I chose color 02, a perfect gray. While taking notes for the blog, I wrote "squishy" in big letters. It was so fun to knit with!

There are so many things to love about Tov. For one thing, the stitch definition is simply amazing! I swatched garter, stockinette, and seed stitch. Cables would be magnificent in it. This yarn seems to like texture, and lots of it. 

The Tov Collection is full of lovely knitwear. I want to knit all of the pieces! I am dreaming of Tov knit up in big, squishy fat cables, like a good old fisherman's sweater, with a modern twist. Kristin Ford's Vidje cardigan seems to fit the bill. See what I mean about that stitch definition? Incredible!

© Woolfolk

Tov is an aran weight yarn, making it a good match for quick fall and winter projects I have on my mind. It would make amazing gift knits, too.

© Alicia Plummer

The Bridgton hat by Alicia Plummer would make a great holiday gift knit (or gift for yourself!). It really shows off Tov's great stitch definition. It offers a great mix of knit-purl texture and cables, making for a really enjoyable knit. 

While thinking about what else to make with Tov, Chaleur came to mind. The herringbone stitches would be so well defined! And it would be so warm and soft - I'd want to live in it!

© Julie Hoover

There are so many projects that would be wonderful in Tov. With its soft hand, and beautiful neutral palette, I think I might have to get a skein in every color. 

October 10, 2016 by Oleya Pearsall