Traveling With Your Projects


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When I’m not knitting, I spend my time dreaming of the next place I would like to visit, whether it’s a short weekend getaway to the coast, a road trip to explore new or familiar places, or a vacation that takes some planning. I’m constantly preparing for my next trip or heading out the door on my way to adventure. During all my traveling escapades, I’ve learned a thing or two about taking knitting projects along for the journey.

1. Knitting projects travel easily when your destination is accessible by vehicle. I love taking road trips, and I always take a knitting project along for the ride. Whenever I want a break from watching the scenery zoom on by, I pull out a project and get some work done. The great thing about traveling by car is that I can bring multiple projects with me, all my knitting essentials, and still have plenty room for everything and everyone else in the vehicle. I actually brought my entire knitting survival kit with me on a short weekend getaway so that I could reorganize everything. What I’ve learned from road trip knitting is that there are no rules!

2. Forget watching free movies on a plane. If you’re flying domestic, bring along your knitting needles, a travel-friendly project, and make some progress on your WIPs. I love knitting while on a plane, especially when it’s a long flight. It makes the time fly and I feel like I’m being productive as I sit and wait as patiently as possible to land. I usually like to take simple patterns that I can memorize on these trips. That way I don’t have to pull out a pattern and my notebook to keep track of everything that I’m doing. I like to be a friendly neighbor so I always take circular needles on the plane. This way I can avoid accidentally elbowing someone or dropping a needle and having to chase it down as it rolls down the aisles. I have yet to have any problems with taking knitting needles on domestic flights, but it’s always good to double check with TSA just in case.

3. When flying internationally be sure to double check if you are allowed to take knitting needles on the plane. I learned my lesson the hard way with this. I was flying back from Mexico and I was going through security when my carry-on bag was pulled aside and searched. This lead to a not so great interaction between me and the enforcer that told me my knitting needles weren’t allowed on the plane. After far longer than I would like to admit, I finally folded and had to remove my lace knitting project off the needles and hand them over. That day I lost my needles, my lace shawl (it unraveled), and my pride. I might be exaggerating a tiny bit on the whole pride thing. I did learn my lesson though, and the next trip I went on I checked with the airlines and the airport to make sure my knitting needles wouldn’t be a problem. FYI - Icelandair likes knitters.

4. Knitting and traveling happen to be two things that harmonize beautifully together. On your next trip be sure to bring your knitting needles along for the adventure.

July 04, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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