Labor Day Weekend Knits

© Andrea Mowry

Labor Day weekend is right around the corner, that means a three-day weekend of knitting, grilling, and hanging out with family and friends. It is supposed to be clear and sunny here in Oregon so many of us at Knit Purl are taking advantage of this beautiful extra day off and heading to the beach or the mountains.

I am planning on spending the whole day at the beach soaking up the last bit of summer sun and starting on some autumn knits! Right now I am debating on three different projects: Take Flight Mitts, Shinko Hat, and Polka Dot Scarf.


© Andrea Mowry

Andrea Mowry’s Take Flight Mitts came out last year and I have been dying to make them! They are a quick knit and only take 1 skein of North Light Fibers Water Street (60% fine merino and 40% cashmere). I am thinking of knitting them up in Goldenrod colorway because they will pop with my navy blue peacoat during the fall and winter months.


© Kirsten Johnstone

Another project I would like to start this Labor Day weekend is Kirsten Johnstone’s new hat pattern, Shinko. It seems like a fun portable brioche knit. I am thinking of knitting it up in Woolfolk’s luxurious worsted weight yarn Far in color #1.


© Churchmouse Yarns

Besides Take Flight Mitts and Shinko I would like to work on Churchmouse’s gorgeous Polka Dot Scarf in Isager’s Alapca 1. I love that it is a seasonless accessory, I can wear it all winter long and into spring and summer. The best part is that it looks timeless, in twenty years I’ll still be wearing it! It will probably take me longer than a weekend to finish this project but I would like to get a good start on it at least.  

What knit project do you plan on working on during Labor Day weekend?



August 28, 2017 by Lacey Link

Summer Knits

© Knit Purl

We’ve been experiencing the hottest week of the year so far here in Portland. The entire city is abuzz about it, but that certainly doesn’t mean we’re putting our needles down. We are knitting right on through the heat, and we’re doing it in style. I cannot deny my love of wool, but summer knitting is all about cotton, silk and linen—fibers that breathe, and feel cool to the touch.


© Carrie Bostick Hoge - Penny Tank

I couldn’t possibly discuss summer knits without mentioning my absolute favorite Shibui yarn. Anyone with access to my wardrobe will know that I’m a sucker for yarns of the Tweed variety. Shibui’s stylish Twig mimics the speckled appearance of a tweed without that warm, fuzzy, rustic feel of a traditional tweed. Made up of 46% Linen, 42% Silk, and just a tiny 12% touch of wool, it feels great both to knit and wear on a warm summer day. It’s classified as a sport weight, but I have definitely worked it into a fingering weight pattern or two. This summer I knit Carrie Bostick Hoge’s Penny Tank, in the Brick colorway on a US size 4 needle, for a dense, yet breathable fabric that softens brilliantly with each wear. If you prefer a more open gauge, Shibui’s Slope is an elegant summer basic that can be dressed up or down.


© Oliver James Brooks - Kiyomi Burgin's Heya Tank

There are two new yarns in the shop from DanDoh this summer. Their Silk + yarn is a shining star. Another tweedy yarn in a 76% silk, 24% cotton blend with a subtle silky shine that peeks out in the sunlight. I have been having a summer romance with Silk + since the moment it arrived in the shop. Like a schoolgirl crush, I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I had it on the needles. I customized Kiyomi Burgin’s new Heya tank by adding a one-inch hem to the bottom edge, and a garter stitch selvedge edge for simpler seaming. The simple stockinette is a great canvas for displaying the depth of color and texture in the yarn, and also makes for great mindless knitting.


© Cocoknits - Paulina

I haven’t knit with DanDoh’s Cotton Fine yet, but I’ve been dreaming about it knit in Julie Weisenberger’s Paulina crop top—a lovely piece to wear over a summer dress. You can also mix and match colors with the yarn held double in a piece like Olgajazzy’s Oshima pullover. My next venture with DanDoh just might be to knit Yumiko Alexander’s River Ripples poncho or Forest weave pullover—two elegant pieces inspired by nature.


© Shibui Knits - Eames

Shibui Knit’s Rain is our go-to 100% cotton yarn. With bright sheen and sophisticated chainette ply, even the simplest of stockinette stitch yields an elegant, high-end fabric, as is evident in Shellie Anderson’s Eames, a modern short-sleeve cardigan from Shibui Knits’ Spring/Summer 2017 collection. A Long-sleeve version is included in the pattern too, if you’d like to wear it into Fall—which always seems to be just around the corner. Cotton wears well, whisks away moisture, and can even be machine washed. Start with a gentle cycle! I always recommend washing a large swatch first to figure out the perfect settings for your garments.


© Shibui Knits - Athens

If you still haven’t ventured to try Shibui Knits’ new Reed yet, it’s definitely worth it—a refined improvement on their discontinued Linen. Knit by itself, it yields a supremely elegant drape as seen in Shellie Anderson’s Athens Tank. Pair it with Shibui Knits’ new Lunar for extra depth, sheen, and super soft feel. No one at Knit Purl could resist Shellie’s Siena cardigan. We’re all knitting one!

Did you know you can search for yarns on our website by fiber? Just click “Yarns,” then “By Fiber,” and explore all of our cotton, linen and silk blends. Don’t let the heat keep your knitting down! There is still plenty of time to fit in a few more summer pieces.

What are your favorite yarns and patterns to knit in the summer?



Shibui Knits: Staccato

© Knit Purl

Shibui Knits never ceases to amaze me. They produce some of my favorite yarns that always keep me coming back for more. Staccato happens to be next in line for me to try out. I’ve been hoarding about 20 skeins of it in my yarn stash and finally plan to do a few swatches with it. Staccato is an alluring blend of merino and silk fibers, that is smooth and soft to the touch. It has an elegant sheen that causes the vibrant colors to truly pop.

© Knitbot

I have a couple of ideas about what I would like to make with the Staccato I currently have stored away. I have an in-your-face, firey orange/red that I really want to squeeze a dress out of. I need to do a swatch and see what my options are. I also have a rusty copper that I was going to make a loose tee out of, but now I have new plans for a cropped cardigan. I purchased Home & Away recently, and I have been eyeing the Hancock cardigan ever since. The Hancock (shown above) does happen to take up much more yarn than I have, so I will need to do a little math to see if I can make it work.

Here are a few end of summer knitting projects on my list:

© Juju Vail

Michelada: A little summer pullover full of texture, that will transition effortlessly into fall.


© Knitscene / Harper Point Photography

Hanshi Wrap Kit: A simple wrap in ivory with short rows that mimic beautiful brush strokes in black.

© Knit Purl

 Tembetari Cowl Kit: Someone please teach me how to crochet so I can make pretty cowls like the Tembetari. I want to wrap myself in a pretty honeycomb pattern.

August 26, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin

Simple Tees

© Julie Hoover

I was going through my wardrobe the other day and realized my tee collection is nonexistent. I remember when I used to have a drawer full of tees that I could easily pick from, now I have four. My two favorites from the bunch were gifted to me. One is white with an image of Patti Smith wearing a tee with an image of Keith Richards, and the other is a pop art portrait of my past dog, Bijou. I’m slowly trying to rebuild my collection with tees that I will enjoy and wear all the time. Since I would like to keep my tee collection small, I plan on knitting most of them.

Here are a few patterns that are currently trying to make the cut:

Insouciant: A simple grab and go tee with a rolled neck and small side slits. This will easily become a favorite. (Photo above!)

© Olgajazzy

Francis: The fabric crosses over in the back, allowing the top to have a slight opening. I knit a tank similar to this top that I can’t get enough of.

© Juju Vail

Alcomar: I have a couple of high-waisted jeans and pretty skirts that are in need of a more feminine tee to join them, and Alcomar is that tee. The front is a simple stockinette stitch while the back is knit in a delightful lace pattern.

© Jessie Roselyn

Alen Shell: It’s hard to not look through patterns and not want to knit something for someone else. I found this boxy little tee that has a sleeve and collar detail that I really like. I already have someone in mind for this top. I might have to knit one for myself too.

August 19, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin

ITO Kouki

© Knit Purl

What fibers come to mind when thinking of knitting new summer creations? I go straight for linen. I forget that there are so many other options out there that are also suitable for the warm summer days, like nice, breathable cotton or cooling silk. What about paper? Did you know paper textiles have a long tradition in Japan, and they are very much like silk in that they're cooling in summer, and warming in winter? I was unaware of this until I introduced myself to Urugami by ITO. ITO has another yarn that makes a great summer companion.

Kouki by ITO is a lustrous ramie and silk blend yarn. Ramie is a great fiber for those hot days that are still visiting us. Ramie is known for its ability to hold shape, reduce wrinkling, and introduce a silky sheen to the fabric appearance. The silk gives Kouki durability, making Kouki garment-friendly and ready to wear.

Here are a few pattern ideas for these gleaming yarn cones of Kouki:
© Knit Purl
A Hint of Summer: Light weight tee. Classic stripes and a fantastic drape make this tee a summer staple. Choose your own colors or grab a kit and start knitting.
© Jana Huck
Kouki-Hearts: Wrapped in love. This pretty striped wrap is embossed with hearts. The luster of Kouki really highlights the hearts in this pattern.
© Assemblage
Hane: 1 top, 6 options. A top with asymmetric drape, side shaping, and unique sleeve detail. The options are endless with this top. Short sleeves, no sleeves, ruffled sleeves, or a blend. Hane will look pretty in Penguin.
August 12, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin