Julie Hoover is Coming to Portland!

© Julie Hoover

We’re so excited to welcome Julie Hoover to Knit Purl!  

Well known for her design work for Shibui, Brooklyn Tweed, and Woolfolk and her great taste in yarn, she creates patterns that are classic yet fresh and ultra-wearable.  If you’ve never tried one, they are cleverly constructed and you won’t want to put your project down once you start!

© Julie Hoover - Wintour 

She will be at the shop sharing her vast knowledge on shaping techniques, blocking for best results and of course, how to finish your projects like a pro.


What’s the best way to kick off a weekend full of learning, exploring, and perfecting with Julie Hoover?

Happy Hour on Friday!

We can’t wait to sip, snack, and chat it up for a couple of hours with Julie about her brilliant textile career, the beautiful photography she shares via Instagram (she’s @juliehoover_design, be sure to check her out!) and if we’re lucky, maybe she’ll share a couple of tips to help our finished projects look as perfect as hers!

Sign up here to join the party!

August 11, 6-8pm $10



July 31, 2017 by Em Hanna

Knit, Purl, Weave


Knit Purl now carries looms! After much research (we were definitely swayed by Knitty’s glowing review) we’ve started stocking 20″ Knitter’s Looms, made in New Zealand by Ashford. I have personally been fascinated with weaving ever since seeing a customer’s scarf created with hand-dyed yarns in my early days at Knit Purl. When I realized that Ravelry has a section full of woven projects, my fascination intensified ten-fold. Though I’ll always love the body-hugging stretch of knit fabric, I welcome the chance to create more stable woven fabric for items like bags, pillows, wraps, and placemats.


Perhaps the greatest appeal of weaving for me, however, is the opportunity to play with color in a new way. Have you ever been besotted with a variegated yarn in the skein, only to watch it knit up into a blotchy mess? To my eyes, weaving blends and mellows wildly colorful yarns. When warp and weft are strikingly different colors, the fabric can be nearly iridescent. I’ve also seen amazing things done with slow striping yarns like Noro and with pooling warps, which align the colors in a yarn across the width of a piece. Best of all? None of these effects require a huge, complex loom—they’re all perfectly suited to a simple and portable rigid heddle loom like those at Knit Purl. If you’re curious how it all works, Ashford has a video covering the basics. Or come by the store and try our floor model yourself! We’re starting a scarf on our loom (and we’ll be sure to share the results). What will you make?

December 17, 2014 by Keli Hansen

Favorite Tools

While good tools are not the key to becoming a masterful knitter, you can certainly improve and ease a project along with the right accessories. We gathered a few of our staff members’ recommendations up for you to explore. After all, what would a workspace be without tools? Keli: This is my new favorite space […]

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September 12, 2014 by Hannah Thiessen

Virtual Store Tour

While many of our local knitters are mapping out their route for the upcoming Rose City Yarn Crawl, we didn’t want those of you who can’t come to Portland (or perhaps would have a much longer route to travel), to miss out on seeing the store. So we thought we would share with you a […]

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February 18, 2014 by Hannah Thiessen