Sweater Weather

© Heidi Kirrmaier

Last weekend I decided to escape Portland, and drive down to Yachats for a mini coastal getaway. There is nothing like being at the coast on a stormy, moody evening. I stayed at a house right off the beach and listened to the waves crashing and the wind howling, while I snuggled up in a cozy pullover and sipped on my tea. I brought a few knitting projects along for the ride, and I didn’t even knit a stitch. Instead, I spent the entire weekend visiting other towns along the coast, and taking in the coastal fall scents and views.

It was the perfect weather for the pullovers I brought with me. For the coldest of days I had a cashmere turtleneck that kept me nice and toasty, and on the warmest day, my vintage cotton Mickey Mouse sweater kept me company. Besides admiring the leaves changing colors during the fall, I get extremely excited about sweater weather. Fall allows for the few weeks where you can get away with only wearing your warmest pullover and not having to layer it with anything else.

© Hannah Fettig/Knitbot

There are so many options when it comes to pullovers, there are the perfect crew necks that are great for layering over a favorite button-up, like the Wool Trip Crew Neck. Then there are the pullovers that are meant to keep you warm on the coldest of days with high-necks and lots of texture, like the Such a Winter's Day sweater. There are also the elegant and airy mohair pullovers that were made for layering over the prettiest of dresses, like Garland.

Here are a few more pullovers that I can’t get enough of:

© Woolfolk

RIBBE: I have a few pullovers in my closet that aren’t meant for layering; they are made to be worn next to the skin since they are as soft as a cloud. RIBBE would be another one of those ridiculously soft sweaters I need to add to my collection. Knit out of Woolfolk Tynd (the softest of soft merino), RIBBE is a simple pullover with chic arm detail. I can see this knit in one of the paler Tynd colors like 9 or 13.

 © Alicia Plummer

Abate: This is the cutest little sweatshirt. I need to knit this for my friend that just had a baby. It’s chic, cozy, and ready for the outdoors. I love the added detail of the drawstring. My favorite sweatshirts as a child were the ones with drawstrings.

© Knitscene / Harper Point

Tongshan Sweater: I’ve had a crush on marled yarn since the first time I knit with it. So when I saw the Tongshan I lit up with joy. The majority of the sweater is knit in a marled yarn, except for the cuffs and a back panel that are knit in a contrasting color. It’s these added details that always make knitting sweaters so much fun. For color combinations, try out Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Narwhal and Sweatshirt.

October 14, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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