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The Sunday Knits yarn line was born from a love of color and texture. Carol Sunday, whose designs range from the baroque Kelmscott Cardigan to the sleek Milano Pullover or the modern Madam Secretary, reached a point in her knitwear design career where she simply could not find the yarn available on the market that could embody the full scope of her designs. So she decided to make it herself. While not an expert on yarn production, she did know what she wanted to knit with: yarn that would create a fabric that “was cohesive, luxurious, yet [where] the stitches weren't lost in the beautiful bloom of it,” as she mentioned in an interview on the KP blog last year.


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Carol finally found a mill in Italy – one that has been spinning and dyeing fiber for more than three hundred years – that could build yarn to her specifications. Using their immense expertise, she worked with their agents to source fiber humanely, ensuring that the sheep from which their Australian merino comes has not been subject to mulesing, the cashmere goats are humanely raised, while the Angora rabbits are raised on farms that are run in accordance with EU Animal Welfare standards.


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The different yarn bases – Angelic, a 75% merino, 25% Angora; Eden, 100% merino; and Nirvana, a 92% merino, 8% cashmere (all of which are available in two weights, sport (3-ply) and worsted (5-ply)) – are designed to work well together and be used interchangeably, creating a rich, beautiful palette across the entire line. This same care and consideration goes into the processing of the fiber, which is kept to a minimum. Carol skeins, twists, and labels all of the yarn by hand in her Illinois studio, so while there may be mill splices, there should not be any knots in a skein. This personal attention also allows a greater level of thoughtfulness to go into the skein itself, which is slightly smaller – 54" – than the average skein, which means that it is easier to wind at home even if you don’t own a swift.

There are bold, beautiful yarns – skeins that sing from the shelf – and then there are the rarer yarns, the ones that make your knitting sing. From winding the skein into a ball, through the process of knitting, Carol Sunday’s yarns are a delight to work with and a pleasure to wear. The reason for this is clear: the combination of high quality materials with thoughtful, humane production.

Which yarns are you happiest knitting?



September 04, 2017 by Guest Blogger
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