Simple Tees

© Julie Hoover

I was going through my wardrobe the other day and realized my tee collection is nonexistent. I remember when I used to have a drawer full of tees that I could easily pick from, now I have four. My two favorites from the bunch were gifted to me. One is white with an image of Patti Smith wearing a tee with an image of Keith Richards, and the other is a pop art portrait of my past dog, Bijou. I’m slowly trying to rebuild my collection with tees that I will enjoy and wear all the time. Since I would like to keep my tee collection small, I plan on knitting most of them.

Here are a few patterns that are currently trying to make the cut:

Insouciant: A simple grab and go tee with a rolled neck and small side slits. This will easily become a favorite. (Photo above!)

© Olgajazzy

Francis: The fabric crosses over in the back, allowing the top to have a slight opening. I knit a tank similar to this top that I can’t get enough of.

© Juju Vail

Alcomar: I have a couple of high-waisted jeans and pretty skirts that are in need of a more feminine tee to join them, and Alcomar is that tee. The front is a simple stockinette stitch while the back is knit in a delightful lace pattern.

© Jessie Roselyn

Alen Shell: It’s hard to not look through patterns and not want to knit something for someone else. I found this boxy little tee that has a sleeve and collar detail that I really like. I already have someone in mind for this top. I might have to knit one for myself too.

August 19, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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