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I’m relieved to say that most of my experiences with yarn have been great ones. That being said, I did have one experience early on as a newbie knitter that left me jaded to a certain fiber. I had this grandiose idea to knit what I had hoped to be the softest pullover ever. I’m not sure what went wrong. The sweater was a mix of mohair and angora. As I was knitting my sweater, the yarn was starting to feel a little scratchy, but I thought it must be normal. After a month of being blinded by the fluff that was escaping from my yarn and having pokey things stab me in the fingers, I finally had a completed sweater. To this day, I’m not quite sure why I thought blocking the sweater would turn it from a prickly thistle to a chinchilla, but it didn’t. I was so upset with myself for knitting a sweater I couldn’t get close to without it causing me harm. From that day on I swore off mohair and would side-eye any yarn that even looked like it had mohair in it.

After time went by I realized that it wasn’t the fibers' fault for my ineptitude for picking out a nice yarn, and I decided to give mohair another shot. I have the Kristina Wrap to thank for this. When I saw this pattern I decided that it was time to rethink swearing off mohair. Another huge factor was I really wanted to touch Shibui Knits Silk Cloud. I had gone years without going near yarn that looked like it could contain mohair and Silk Cloud was luring me with its bright colors and enticing soft look.

It was earlier this year that I finally gave into the temptation and ran to our stock of Silk Cloud. I can now say I know what mohair should feel like, and it's something truly delightful. If you are looking for a soft and versatile yarn look no further - Silk Cloud is great when worked alone, held double, or mixed with another Shibui Knits yarn. Here are some of my favorite kits and patterns that really showcase Silk Cloud:



Image of Non Troppo Wrap© Knit Purl

Non Troppo: Currently one of my favorite samples in the store. Non Troppo is a wrap with asymmetrical stripes mixed with playful texture. The pairing of Silk Cloud and Cima make this the perfect wrap for cool summer evenings.

© Shibui Knits

Spectrum Shawl: The mixture of Rain and Silk Cloud gives this large wrap the illusion of shifting rays. One of our customers knit Spectrum in Blueprint and it’s breathtaking.




© Amirisu

Keshi: A tank knit with Shibui Linen and Silk Cloud. The back panel is knit in Linen and the front panel is knit with Linen and Silk Cloud held together, giving Keshi an interesting texture and drape.

 © Amirisu

100 Diamonds: A triangular shawl in simple stockinette stitch with a section of lace pattern diamonds. The original design is jeweled with Swarovski beads, making this mohair beauty truly divine. I’ve been following Sachiko on Ravelry since I joined the site and I’m always impressed by her beautiful lace projects and designs she comes up with.

July 08, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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