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Think of Shibui Knits and you probably think of luxury fibers and a fashion-forward aesthetic. With thoughtfully chosen fibers, a coordinated color palette,  and carefully designed patterns, Shibui Knits produces the materials you need to create impeccable, elegant garments and accessories. The true hallmark of Shibui Knits style, though, is the mix concept – combining two or more strands of yarn together to create custom fabric. It shows up in patterns as diverse as the chevron cowl Mix No. 29 and the Siena cardigan from the SS17 collection, and is the highlight of Shibui’s Mix Party, a yarn tasting which focuses on allowing the knitter to create a unique, personal fabric through unique yarn combinations.

© Shibui Knits

Founded in 2007 to meet the needs of online commerce, Shibui Knits has created patterns in-house since 2015. Patterns are designed with the mix concept in mind, and are intended to work with different yarn combinations, bringing the idea of remixing from the world of music and high art to knitting. The SS15 collection, including the perennially popular Slope tank, was the first fruit of that decision. The attention to finishing details and mindful choice of techniques ensures that each collection builds on the strengths of those that went before, aiming for the astringent elegance of simplicity. With a variety of lace-weight yarn bases available, it’s easy to build a suitable custom fabric for any occasion, while the refined color palette ensures makes it easy to choose colors that work well together, either by matching the same shade across yarn bases, as in Vista from the FW16 collection, or by using different colors for a marled effect, as in Melanie Berg’s A Twist to It.


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Speaking personally, Shibui Knits Twig is one of my favorite yarns for knitting solo – it’s perfect for summer garments like the Simple Tee from Churchmouse or the Summer tee from ANKESTRIK. For yarn combinations, though, Shibui Knits Pebble is my secret weakness: its tweedy flecks add depth and interest to any yarn pairing, while the mixture of cashmere, wool, and recycled silk adds a soupçon of airy luxury to any fabric – it’s probably no surprise that Julie Hoover’s Wintour is on my knit list.

What’s your favorite Shibui Knits yarn combination? What interesting mixes are on your to-knit list?



July 10, 2017 by Guest Blogger
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Soj Aronson said:

I purchased the Riverine kit and am SO VERY happy to be able to sample three very different Shibui fibers. Before knitting the scarf I thought I wanted a sweater in the Silk Cloud but find the mohair too frustrating. Now I want to knit a sweater in Cima!! The alpaca is to die for!!

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