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I have a new knitting obsession and it happens to be knitting swatches with new yarn. I’m currently starting a small collection of swatches and keeping notes on my thoughts. I just added my second swatch to the collection and it was knit with Royal I. All I knew about Royal I prior to swatching was that it was part of our Knit Purl Minis series, and that it was an alpaca yarn.

The first thing I noticed when I started to cast on with Royal I, was how unbelievably soft it was. It amazes me, how I think I’ve knit with the softest yarn and then I try something new and my mind is blown again. This yarn is officially the softest yarn I’ve had the pleasure of knitting with. I knit with stainless steel ChiaoGoo needles, and I did notice I had to be a little extra mindful of my stitches. The steel was a slick surface for the softness of the yarn. It’s totally manageable, but I did drop a few stitches while I was trying to watch the television and knit at the same time. Side note: I’m proud to say that I can now knit an entire row without staring at my hands.

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This was the first time I’ve knit with 100% alpaca yarn and I enjoyed watching the stitches take shape. I used a pair of size US 6 needles for my swatch, which gave me a chance to admire the stitches even more. I was surprised of the heft of my small swatch. It’s the size of a small coaster but weighs significantly more than I thought it would. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting with Royal I, however, I was disappointed about one thing, and that was running out of yarn.

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The nice thing about creating swatches without a project in mind is that it allows me to get a feel for the yarn and figure out which designs would pair nicely with the yarn. The Compass Shawl is the first pattern that came to mind as I was knitting with Royal I. The subtle diamond pattern in the shawl will knit nicely in the alpaca yarn and it will keep you nice and toasty all winter long. KLOKKE was another design that came to mind while I was knitting. I’ve heard that alpaca tends to grow throughout the years so I thought of a design that some extra drape in later years wouldn’t take away from the garment. I’ve made notes in my knitting journal that Royal I would make luxurious wraps and cowls, as well as the best drapey cardigan ever.

November 18, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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