New Year Knitting Resolutions

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2017 is around the corner so I would like to be the first to say happy early New Year to all our wonderful readers. I hope 2016 was filled with many happy knitting, crocheting, and weaving experiences. 2016 was a teachable knitting year for me. I might have knit less than I did in 2015, but I learned so much more than I could’ve imagined. My confidence level has grown exponentially and I’m not scared to listen to my knitting intuition.

I was reviewing my 2016 knitting resolutions which were: 

  • Complete all my work in progress projects
  • Learn how to steek
  • Spend time with my knitting machine


I happened to complete all my WIPs except for two which I decided to frog. I’m actually more proud of frogging those projects than finishing all my WIPs. I’ve always had a hard time giving up on a project, but I realized I shouldn’t knit something just to finish it. Progress knitting doesn’t work for me and that’s totally okay. I finally found the confidence to tell myself to stop knitting if what I’m making doesn’t make me happy. I didn’t learn how to steek in 2016, but that’s because I didn’t come across a project that I wanted to knit where steeking would be involved. I will most likely not learn how to steek in 2017 either and that is totally okay by me. As for my knitting machine, I’m a little sad about this resolution. I didn’t spend enough time with my knitting machine. I was able to play around with a few swatches, but that was it.

My 2017 resolutions are less about learning new techniques or finishing projects and more about selfish knitting. I’ve already picked out my hand knitting projects for 2017. The rest of 2017 will be spent playing on my knitting machine and designing my own patterns. In other words, my 2017 knitting resolutions are all about me. I want to keep growing as a knitter and sometimes that means taking the time to explore things for myself and see where they take me. This doesn’t mean I won’t knit other items outside of the projects I already have planned. It just means I will be spending more time on me and what makes me happy.

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Here are all my 2017 knitting projects:

Sourcebook Chunky Cardigan in Brooklyn Tweed Quarry Lazulite

Hawser in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Thistle

Rivage Coat in Brooklyn Tweed Loft Cinnabar

Bellows in Brooklyn Tweed Quarry Obsidian

Snoqualmie in Brooklyn Tweed Quarry Hematite


Once again, Happy New Year to all and happy knitting in 2017!


December 30, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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Mary Ann said:

I am thinking of getting a knitting machine and was wondering what brand and version you have. Thank you in advance.

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