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For me, knitting is a way of life. A way to be creative, productive and mindful. I enjoy playing with fibres, colours, and ideas and to come up with new designs. Knitting is a world of endless possibilities, it is impossible to run out of ideas. And when knitting is always on the back of your mind, everything can be the source of inspiration. You might see interesting architecture, or a curiously shaped vegetable and feel like it wants to be transformed into a knitting pattern. Also, yarns themselves are always poking at my imagination. It can feel like they ask me to be knit into a specific design. And then my many stitch pattern encyclopedias are a resource I rely upon when pondering new projects.

Also, I enjoy the process of knitting itself very much. It's fun to choose colours and to see them interact with one another as the piece gets knit up. Creating shapes and textures with my needles while feeling the yarn running through my fingers is extremely satisfying. Knitting will calm me down when I am upset and enhance an already good mood.

I like to create timeless pieces that knitters will hopefully enjoy to knit as much as I do.

Jana Huck

Streetscape (, for example, is a triangular shawl that has a story that I especially like and that makes it into a true statement piece. The shawl features garter stripes reminiscent of the German Autobahn and a quirky zig-zag element. Its twists and turns are a reminder that your life's journey, wherever it leads you, will have some obstacles – and you'll make it through.

Jana Huck

Another recent design is Verum (, which I made in collaboration with Frida Fuchs for the Wollfest in Hamburg, Germany, this year. I am very fond of the stripes and colours of this piece. It is a pleasant garter stitch knit that will never get boring! Colour changes, stripes, and the occasional eyelet-row will keep you happy and entertained. Plus, it's a unisex design, so you can also make it for your significant other!

Jana Huck

Kouki-Hearts ( was born from my fondness of the sumptuous ITO fibres. I love to play with the different fibre qualities they provide. The Kouki-Hearts shawl is worked in Kouki, a cellulose-silk blend of the finest quality. My goal was to use the sheen of the yarn for effect. Knit and purl stitches reflect light differently, so I decided to work knits and purls into a heart pattern. The hearts sparkle and shine when light hits them at an angle. The result is a stunning piece that is easy to work and uses the yarn's qualities to great effect. By the way, you can get the shawl as a kit here at Knit Purl (

Jana Huck

I also sometimes dabble in garment design. My latest piece is Lenja (, a sweater featuring stripes and a wide adjustable neckline. Again I used the fabulous ITO fibres, combining Sensai and Urugami, definitely my favourite combination for their many bases. It adds Urugami's sturdiness to the softness and halo of Sensai. Perfection.

I am immensely grateful to the great community of knitters worldwide that I can be a part of through the miracles of the world wide web, namely Ravelry and inspiring websites like Knit Purl.




November 14, 2016 by Guest Blogger
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