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The latest pattern collection from Woolfolk all circles around their brand new yarn, Luft, and I must confess, I’ve never been more inspired to knit a bulky weight sweater in my knitting life. And what’s more fun than picking favorites and dreaming up new projects?!  These are my top picks from the new Woolfolk Luft Collection.


1.  MARMOR - by Regina Moessmer

© Woolfolk

This cardigan, to me, is the best combination of comfy and chic.  The structured shape and slip stitch details allow it to easily fit into a more professional wardrobe, but the ever-humble garter stitch lends this sweater to be perfectly paired with jeans and flats as well.


2.  SØLV - by Cecelia Campochiaro

© Woolfolk

From the brilliant mind that brought us the texture-game changing book Sequence Knitting, Cecelia Campochairo wins again with SOLV.  Knit on the bias, this wonderfully oversized wrap pattern is easy to memorize and completely reversible.  I’m dreaming of one in the black colorway for extra sassiness. Fair warning though, this is definitely a piece that runs a high risk of being “accidentally gifted”. *  Thank goodness this is one wrap you won’t mind knitting twice.


*An accidental gift happens when a friend or loved one asks to borrow a handknit “just for the evening!” and then they love it so much and look so happy wearing it that you end up letting them keep it.  You definitely didn’t knit it for them, but it’s theirs now, you gracious soul.


3.  KOBOLT - by Sarah Solomon

© Woolfolk

This is the sweater that whenever I see it, I wish I were already wearing it.  I love the oversized fit and mock-turtleneck!  Having played around with Luft, and experienced its softness in person, I daydream about how cozy it is to wear!  And I realize that I may be in the minority here, but I LOVE that it’s seamed.  It’s nice to have a “I want to live in this” sweater with a bit more structure so that you CAN actually LIVE in it and still look like you’re as fresh as a daisy.


What are your favorites from the new collection, and more importantly which color are you going to choose?



June 19, 2017 by Em Hanna
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