Happy Hour with Jared Flood

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Brooklyn Tweed was one of the first knitting blogs I ever read, back when it was on Blogspot and Jared Flood was knitting with superwash and spending most of his writing time praising Elizabeth Zimmermann. Who can forget his fabulous mods to the Shibui baby leggings?


If you started knitting in the late 2000s, it’s probably safe to say that Jared’s patterns played a part in your growth as a knitter. The Koolhaas hat, for example, teaches the importance of learning to cable without a cable needle, while the simple, understated Brownstone pullover teaches your short rows as well as the importance of fitting the sweater to the recipient with appropriate ease – don’t forget that Brooklyn Tweed patterns were among the first to include recommended ease as well as finished garment measurements.


For myself, I fully acknowledge that Jared’s patterns taught me how to think about knitting, while his blog and the development of Brooklyn Tweed as a yarn company taught me what knitting community can mean. Each new iteration of Wool People (and we’re at #11 now) catches some of this excitement, juxtaposing tried and true favorite designers such as Olga Buraya-Kefelian and Andrea Mowry with relative newcomers like Emily Greene, fostering careers at every stage.


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Jared will be talking about the latest Wool People collection, as well as BT’s newest yarn, Vale, at the July meet and greet here at Knit Purl. Vale and Arbor seem to be taking the Brooklyn Tweed lineup in a new direction, and it will be interesting to hear what factors – including sustainability, durability, artisanry, and “roundness” – went into the decision to add these worsted spun yarns to the woolen-spun trio of Loft, Shelter, and Quarry.


Following Jared’s development as a knitter and, ultimately, as a pattern designer and yarn developer is deeply inspiring, and enriches one’s own experience as a knitter. It will be a treat to have a chat with him at Knit Purl. Who are your knitting role models? What have they taught you – and what questions do you have for them?



June 26, 2017 by Guest Blogger
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