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Image of Knit Purl Glow Lace Yarn© Knit Purl

It’s July, which means it’s the Month of Lace here at Knit Purl. All month the blog will be dedicated to all things lace, starting off with Glow Lace, a limited edition Knit Purl yarn. Glow Lace is an opulent merino and mulberry silk lace weight yarn that comes in 12 radiant colors. The combination of silk and merino makes this yarn irresistible to knit with. The merino is soft to the touch, while the silk gives Glow Lace a beautiful shimmer that will tempt knitters away from all their other knitting projects.

The colorways are everything you want in a summer yarn, vibrant and neutral. Two of my favorite colorways are Dawn and Firefly. I can’t help but to gravitate towards bright colors, and these two colorways are reminiscent of summery fruit like honeydew and papaya. Now to figure out how to combine them together in a knitting project. Before I start mentioning a few pretty patterns that will pair nicely with Glow Lace, we have a little gift for all our fans of lace. During the Month of Lace (July), all lace weight yarn and kits will be 10% off by entering the code LACE2016.


Image of Sea Salt Cowl Knitting Pattern by Keli Hansen© Knit Purl

Sea Salt Cowl: This cowl might ring a few bells for some since it was featured during our Month of Lace in 2014. The Sea Salt Cowl is a lightweight cowl that is perfect for the warmer months. It features a geometric motif of diamonds that grow and shrink like salt crystals, and it was designed by one of our very own Knit Purl staff members, Keli Hansen. The Sea Salt Cowl was my first excursion into the realm of lace knitting and I’m so glad I gave lace knitting a shot, because the results were amazing.

Image of Twinleaf Shawl Pattern © Kelbourne Woolens + Amanda Stevenson Lupke

Twinleaf: With summer comes traveling, and the Twinleaf wrap is a great pattern to take on a trip or to the park. The use of garter stitch and short rows make this an easy knitting project, and the use of stripes gives it a clean chic look.

Image of Dawn Shawl by Grace Anna Farrow© Grace Anna Farrow

Volt: Chevrons, colorwork, and a jagged edge, oh my! I love knitting kits and this is going to be a fun one. Volt is a super intriguing wrap that will captivate lookers and I can’t wait to start knitting this project. I thought about gifting the Volt kit to my mom, but I really want to knit this so I’m going to gift my mom the completed wrap. Win, win.  

July 01, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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Julie Day said:

I saw this pattern when I visited your store last month and I fell in love with it. I would love to get this kit is this something you are giving away as a prize if you win? Or are you selling it? Thank you so much, Julie

Oleya Pearsall said:

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your comment! We are selling this kit on our website here:

Please let me know if you have any more questions!


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