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Wool, linen, alpaca, silk, possum, cotton, and camel are just a few of the fiber possibilities we have the opportunity to create things from. Yes, there is even yarn out there that uses possum. I met it, we said hello, I felt it, and it was insanely soft. After working with different fibers, we tend to continue gravitating towards a favorite. I have a few personal favorites that I love to knit with, but wool happens to be my all time favorite fiber. To me, there is nothing quite like it.

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There are different ranges of wool from the scratchy stuff to the soft, pillowy wool that clouds are made of. Don't get me wrong, I love alpaca and cashmere for their opulent softness, but for me, wool has so much more to offer. Every time I've knit with different wools, I've received different results. Some wool yarns really emphasize stitch definition and are wondrous for texture work. The Yoga Shawl I made is a great example of this. The yoga shawl is a very simple knit, the majority being stockinette, but it has a great chevron texture border on both ends. I used Brooklyn Tweed Loft for this project and the chevron texture had a whole new personality than if I would've used one of my other wool yarns on hand. The texture came to life and really stood out. It was as though the yarn was made specifically for the pattern.

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I love how wool feels while I knit with it. Some feel earthy and a little rough, kind of like you are knitting right off a sheep. Others can feel as soft as cashmere. I knit the Ribbed Watch Cap by Churchmouse that calls for size US 1 needles. The hat is probably the most professional looking piece I've ever made and it was well worth the time put into it. As much as I love the finished result, if it wasn't for the yarn I used I probably would've given up. Usually, I knit hats because they are a fast in-between project, but there is nothing fast about knitting a ribbed hat on tiny knitting needles. Luckily I used Woolfolk , and what a pleasant surprise. Tynd is softer than most cashmere I’ve ever knit with, let alone felt.

If someone was to drop a pile of yarn on my lap of all different fibers, I will forever gravitate towards wool. It’s a magical fiber that I can never get enough of.


July 29, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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