Cleaning Your Hand Knits

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How often do you wash your handknits? After all the project’s been through, don’t you think it deserves a nice bubble bath once in a while?

Fill your sink basin with lukewarm water, and a couple of drops of your favorite wool wash. I have used Eucalan in the past, but we just got in new soap from The Laundress that I am eager to try. Carefully submerge the piece in the water, pressing out any air bubbles that form along the way. Set a timer for 15 minutes, and enjoy the time to knit a few rows while you wait. 

After the piece is done soaking, remove the piece, making sure to support its weight. Gently squeeze out the water, resisting the urge to wring. To ensure additional water is released, roll the piece up in a towel and then step on the roll a couple of times.

Carry the piece over to your blocking mat, arranged in the configuration that best matches the dimensions of the piece. The Knitter’s Block Kit comes with interlocking puzzle pieces that can be arranged in various ways, making it well suited for anything from a swatch to a shawl. 

With your pattern’s schematic at hand, smooth the piece out to the required dimensions, and if needed, place T-pins every inch or so along each edge of the piece. (Or you can use fork blocking pins which I have fallen in love with!) The T-pins will sink firmly into the mat, securing the piece in place.

Now comes the hardest part &mdeash; waiting for your finished object to dry. It usually takes about two days for drying time, depending on climate. The good news is that if you use something like the Knitter's Block kit, due to the waterproof backing on the tiles, the knits don’t take as long to dry as they would on a towel or cloth. Now go and show off your project!

October 24, 2016 by Oleya Pearsall
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