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I lived in the South for part of my youth, and the one thing I miss more than anything is the rain. Not just any rain, but the warm rain on a summer night that’s accompanied by a wondrous thunderstorm. When I think of the rain from the South, I’m reminded of laughter, running through rainstorms with friends, and endless sandal weather.

When Shibui Knit’s new yarn Rain came out, the first thing I thought of was happy, rainy, sunny memories from the years I spent growing up in the South. There were many times the sun would be in full force without a cloud in the sky, and out of nowhere the ocean would fall out of the sky. That’s what I pictured when I saw the little poem about Rain.

Fleeting drops fall
then silence
The sound of rain needs no translation

I’m ready to put all my projects on hold and switch to summer knitting. The sun is coming out, blossoms are appearing, and I’m ready for warmer days and drapey cotton tops.

Here are a few pattern ideas for Rain from Shibui Knits SS16 look book:

Equinox: This pattern is a simple color blocked top with a seaming detail in the front and back that caught my eye.

Meridian: A drapey summer cardigan is a must have and I must have this one!

Nova: My favorite. I love everything about this top from the neckline to the side slits. After I make one I have plans on making another with some secret special modifications.

P.S. Rain, rain, don’t go away.

February 26, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
Tags: New Yarn Love
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Patricia said:

I love Rain…recently purchased Fjord to make Nova. Will be interested to see your secret version!

Laura Oriana said:

Hi Patricia! You will have to share a photo of your Nova. I can’t wait to see it knit in Fjord. My top secret version is currently on the back burner since I keep starting new projects. Now that you’ve reminded me, I think it’s time to pick it up and put everything else on hold. :)

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