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If you read the post I wrote late last year about chunky yarn, then you won’t be surprised about how excited I am over the new line of chunky yarn we’re carrying: Love Fest Fibers is a brand new company with a lovely story, and beautiful chunky yarn to go along with it.

Britt, the Founder behind Love Fest Fibers, was taught to knit and crochet by her mother. She describes her knitting sessions with her mother as “a little love fest of making things and listening to family stories.” Time went by, and Britt forgot about those skills until she moved to the Himalayas, where she worked with farmers and nomads on the Tibetan Plateau. Knitting with locals became a way to connect, learn the language, and understand the ins-and-outs of raising and spinning fiber.

Eventually Britt returned home to California, where she continued to focus on international development and philanthropy, and researching fiber traditions. Like many of us, Britt became obsessed with big, fluffy, chunky yarn, the kind that makes you want to unravel a bunch of skeins and snuggle up with it. Her love for the chunky goodness caused her to head out and strike up partnerships with talented yarn makers both at home and the Himalayas to design a range of huge yarn.

“I wanted to focus on yarn that supports traditional livelihoods through the raising of natural fibers, and also find a use for something that now litters our landscapes throughout the world: plastic waste.”


Love Fest Fibers has three lines: Pure Love (alpaca), ReLove (alpaca/recycled plastic bottles or merino/recycled plastic bottles), and Tough Love (felted New Zealand wool). We carry both of the super soft ReLove yarns, and the Tough Love vibrant felted beauties.

If you’ve walked into Knit Purl recently, you’ve probably been greeted by Tough Love. The balls are hard to miss, they come in bright colors that put a smile on your face, and you instantly want to reach out and touch them. Tough Love is created by an incredible group of women in Kathmandu who are skilled in the craft of felt-making. Using water, soap, and undeniable muscle power, these women transform New Zealand wool into yards upon yards of felt yarn, which is then dyed in beautiful vibrant colors.

As for ReLove, it’s spun at a family-run mill in Washington, where they spin super soft alpaca or merino with recycled plastic bottle fiber. One might think that the content of recycled plastic might cause the yarn to not be soft, but this is not the case. ReLove is amazingly soft, this is the kind of chunky yarn I want to live inside. Plus, each ball of ReLove reuses anywhere from 10–15 plastic bottles, which is more than a little awesome in my book.

I can’t wait to get my hands on all the Love Fest Fibers skeins! Especially Tough Love in Cassis (think fuchsia/magenta) and ReLove Merino in Denim.

Here are a few pattern ideas to go with your new Love Fest Fibers yarn:

Tough Love: The Table Bowl
ReLove Alpaca: The Bay Throw
ReLove Merino: The Kiki Cowl

February 15, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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Meg said:

I am currently knitting only with big, chunky, ginormous yarns of any nature, the bigger the better. This is yummy to the max. Thinking of how to incorporate it into a home project. Thank you, KnitPurl and Love Fest Fibers. Meg

Laura Oriana said:

Hi Meg,

Isn’t chunky yarn the best?! I love working with it. I’m currently knitting a blanket with Love Fest Fibers Pure Love and ReLove. Knitting blankets and throws are always an easy and fast home project for chunky yarn. Let us know what you come up with.

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