Bundles of Crochet

I’ve found many vintage treasures in my mom’s closet throughout the years. One of my favorite and most treasured finds is a crochet dress that my aunt made in the 60s. I’ve worn the dress every summer ever since I pried the dress out of my mom’s hands. This dress was my introduction into the world of yarn and my admiration for all things crochet.


Recently, while perusing Ravelry, I landed on the page of an amazingly talented knitter and crocheter, Alina. I was looking at her projects when I saw her First Crochet Dress. Swoon! The details were perfect. A simple dress with intricate details on the back and neck. This is the dress that made the need to learn how to crochet a must.

My goal is to pick up a hook this summer and crochet my first project. I’ll probably stick to something a little less ambitious than one of Alina’s dresses, I’m thinking some fingerless mittens. To keep me on track, I’ve started to put together a bundle in Ravelry of all the crochet projects that I either want to make or that motivate me. I’ve also added the Knit Purl Crochet bundle to my bundle, I’m on a bundling craze. Needless to say when summer hits, I won’t be lacking inspiration.

If you’ve never created a bundle in Ravelry, here are a few simple steps:

  • Find a project that makes you see hearts in your eyes.
  • Add the project to your favorites.
  • When the pop-up appears click on Create a Bundle.
  • Give your Bundle a name (something that describes it or maybe a fun name). Mine is called Crochet Me Maybe, after the song Call Me Maybe.
  • Click create and then save.

Now you have your first bundle, and you can add as many projects to it as you desire. There is also a great post called Bundle all the Things! on Ravelry, if you want a little extra inspiration.

Happy bundling and crocheting!


January 29, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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