Rose City Yarn Mystery Knit Along

Who is ready for the Rose City Mystery Knit Along? The first clue comes out on Wednesday and I’m really excited since this is my first MKAL. Being a MKAL newbie I’ve been reading the 2016 MKAL and MCAL Pre-Clue Discussion! post on the Rose City Yarn Crawl Ravelry group. It’s been a great resource since many people have been posting color combination ideas and the designers have been answering all questions.

A few clues have been provided to help when it comes to picking out yarns.

  1. It’s a cowl.
  2. There is a main color and a contrast color.
  3. The lovely description on how to pick out the MC and CC. This is what sold me on joining in on the fun:
    “Think of the main color as the road you travel, where you make your tracks. Will it be over wooded trails, urban streets, grass, concrete, sand? Choose a yarn that will show texture and pattern. Tonal colorways or solids, not extremely dark, will work best. Imagine the contrasting color as something curious or brilliant you see on your bike ride. The gem tones of fall leaves, colors in coffee shop windows or the subtle variegation of light reflected in a stream.”
    Can all patterns come with lovely descriptions on how to pick colors?

Thanks to those three helpful hints, I’ve narrowed my pairings down to three options.


Big Pink: Sunday Knits Angelic in Smoke (MC) and Melon (CC). When I saw these two colors together, it made me think of being on I-84 when the setting sun hits Big Pink just right.


Coastal Retreat: Sunday Knits Nirvana in Ocean (MC) and Rain (CC). This made me think of the coast right after a storm when the first sunray breaks through the clouds. If I go with this color pairing, I will do a textured swatch first to make sure that the stitches will be visible in Ocean. If they aren’t as noticeable, I will make Rain the MC.


Into the Woods: Sunday Knits Eden in Garnet (MC) and Bronze (CC). These two colors made me think of going on my first hike right before spring hits. When the ground is still muddy from all the rain and the bright colors are just ever so slightly starting to pop-up. Depending on how the CC is used in this cowl, I feel as though these two colors could really work out nicely together.

Now comes the hard part—making a decision!

If you are joining in on the MKAL or MCAL, please share your color choices. We would love to see all the amazing pairings!


January 25, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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Gail said:

I’m using Sunday Knits 3 ply Angelic in khaki for my main color. I haven’t quite decided on the CC as of yet. I do have a lot to pick from in my stash!

Laura Oriana said:

Hi Gail! Did you ever pick a CC from your stash? I would love to know what you went with.

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