Knit Care

There is nothing more frustrating than looking at the care label on a garment and trying to decipher the hieroglyphic symbols. I used to let the words “hand wash only” deter me from purchasing certain yarn. Eventually common sense took a hold of me and I realized that hand-washing a garment and letting it dry flat is not difficult. If I can block a knit garment, I can hand-wash one!

When I started to look at hand-washing as blocking with a little bit of detergent, my whole outlook changed. I now really enjoy hand-washing all my knits and find the process enjoyable and even therapeutic. I think it has to do with my short and easy process. Soak knits, do a little gentle swishing, rinse, lightly squeeze excess water out, and lay flat to dry. Repeat when I accidently drop food on my sweater (this happens more than I would like to admit).

If you would like more in depth directions on how to hand-wash your woolen goodies, Martha Stewart has a great little write-up. We also have a fantastic Sweater Care Kit by Cocoknits with easy instructions on how to hand-wash your sweaters.


January 08, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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