Knitting Resolutions, Old and New

I started 2015 with one goal—to spend every day knitting, even if I only had time for a few stitches. That goal led to me learning how to do simple color work, knitting my first sweater, my first, second, third, and fourth experience with cables, and taking on a test knit for a chunky brioche poncho to end the year on.

Now that 2015 is coming to an end, it’s time for new knitting resolutions. My number one resolution is to complete all my work in progress projects. I currently have seven projects that I would like to see off my needles in 2016. Besides trying to control my need for having to start a new project every week, I would like to learn how to steek, and I really want to spend time with my knitting machine.

I am not the only one that learned a lot this year. I asked a few of the Knit Purl sales staff to share the knitting techniques they learned during 2015 and what they have lined up for next year.


What I learned in 2015 My 2016 Knitting Resolution

1. German short rows. My new favorite technique for doing short rows. So easy to execute, shows clearly where you turned, and a totally invisible finish.

2. Tubular cast-on. I fought it at first, but this cast on is so stretchy and clean-looking when casting on for a rib. It was also not as hard to execute as I originally thought. Ysolda Teague has the best tutorial video if you want to give the tubular cast-on a try.

In the next year I want to work on improving my Fair Isle colorwork, and figure out how to shape in brioche stitch so I can finish my UFO Opari Hat that's been in my stash for the last year.


What I learned in 2015 My 2016 Knitting Resolution
I got to take a twined knitting workshop with Nancy Bushin 2015 and it was fascinating! In 2016, I really want to try 2-color brioche!


Sarah Castles
What I learned in 2015 My 2016 Knitting Resolution

1. Provisional long tail tubular cast-on. A great cast-on method used to make a stretchy neck when knitting top-down.

2. Sewn bind-off.  Used to make a stretchier bind-off.

3. Entrelac. I helped a friend who had a question about the Entrelac technique. This was the first time doing this so I learned a little, but would like to improve on this.

I would like to improve my color work technique using a color in both hands.


What I learned in 2015 My 2016 Knitting Resolution
This year, I learned the brioche stitch (just one color) and Japanese short rows. Steeking!


Please share some of the new techniques you learned in 2015, and what you have planned for next year. If you are in need of some help setting 2016 knitting resolutions, take a peek at our classes—we have some great ones coming up early next year!

December 30, 2015 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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