Not the Typical Gift-Giving List

‘Tis the season for knitting, knit-related gifts, and lists of gift ideas. Instead of listing random gift ideas I thought I would share what’s on my gift list, what I will be gifting fellow knitters, and the handmade goodies I will be gifting.

Laura’s List: I wouldn’t have a list if it wasn’t for my mom. She asks me for my Santa list every year, even though I’m well past the years of staying up all night waiting for Santa to drop down the chimney. In all honesty, I love that my mom is keeping Santa alive for my brother and I. It warms my heart that she keeps a part of our childhood thriving. So what made my list for this year?

Double-pointed needles: This might be a bit of an extravagant request, because it’s for a complete set of double pointed needles, but I thought I would try.
Stitch markers: I can never have too many stitch markers, especially since I’m always losing them.
Yarn: My mom is also a knitter and we have very similar taste, so I asked for this to be a surprise.
Calendar: I get one every year, and I’m always excited to see what the theme is.

Knitters in my life: These are some of my favorite gifts to give.

Kits: Last year I bought my mom a kit that I knew she would love, but probably wouldn’t treat herself to. It was the Jet Stream by Heidi Kirrmaier, and it came with luxurious Sexy B yarn. My mom was over the moon with this gift. This year, I’m going to get her another kit. It’s between the Cirrus Pullover kit or a personalized kit. I really like the idea of finding a pattern I know my mom would love and making a kit for her.
Super-special yarn: I like gifting my fellow knitters with yarn that they wouldn’t typically treat themselves with. This year, a few lucky knitters will be receiving some special skeins of yarn including Happy Mink, Casbah, and Water Street.
Knitting 101: Earlier this month, one of my friends asked if I would teach him how to knit. I agreed to teach him, but little does he know I have bought him all he needs to start his first project.

Handmade with love: All my friends requested knitted gifts from me this year.

Oddly enough, they all requested hats. I thought this was very fitting, since last week I wrote a post about how much I love knitting hats.
I also gifted myself with a special treat. I bought eight skeins of Clever Camel in Carbon Twist and Carbon, and will be knitting the Frontenac by Julie Hoover. Sometimes you need to treat yourself to something nice too.

What are some of your favorite knitting gifts to give or receive? We would love to hear your ideas!


December 18, 2015 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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