Spotlight: North Light Fibers

Take a short stroll through an alpaca pasture, visit with some friendly exotic farm animals, and arrive at North Light Fibers. Located in the middle of Block Island, Rhode Island, North Light Fibers is a micro yarn mill that produces hand-crafted, minimally processed yarns from blended fibers (alpaca, yak, merino wool, camel, mohair, soy silk, and many others).

“North Light Fibers is one of the most complete mills in North America, as we take the fiber from shearing to skeins. We tumble, wash, pick, dye, de-hair, card, spin, ply, and finish all the yarns here at the mill on Block island.”

From using the fiber from Justin Abrams’ farm that surrounds the mill, to working with local knitters and weavers to produce garments and home decor, North Light Fibers works tirelessly to create a viable and growing year round manufacturing business. Their mill produces four primary lines, Beach Avenue (alpaca/merino wool), Forever Lace (alpaca/bamboo), Ocean Avenue (merino wool), and Water Street (cashmere/merino).

You might be wondering which line we carry at Knit Purl. Don’t worry, I won’t keep you guessing. It’s Water Street, the luxurious perfect blend of cashmere and super fine merino wool that is easily becoming a shop favorite.

“I thought Water Street was nice enough in the skein, but after working with it, I am absolutely smitten. It has cashmere's exquisite softness but merino's bounce. I've also never seen yarn colored in quite the same way, with fun little flecks that are somewhere between heathery and tweedy.”—Keli, Knit Purl Sales Floor Lead

Water Street is soft to the touch, making it extremely snuggle-worthy, thanks to the decadent cashmere. The merino wool that it’s blended with gives it the structure, body, and elasticity that really heightens the stitch definition. Add in rich beautiful colors and Water Street becomes everything one would want in a cashmere blend yarn.

The Water Street color blends are a treat in themselves. The lighter, more neutral colors like Sand Dollar have a prominent heather to them, while the greens and blues have a pleasant surprise. Enchanted Forest is a slightly muted green, but once knit, bright tiny flecks of yellow and purple appear, giving the finished piece a tweed-like effect.

One of our sample knitters, Michelle, had the pleasure of working with Enchanted Forest, “The yarn knits up so soft, it’s like heaven! Too bad the pattern went so quickly—not enough time to enjoy it!”

Being a huge fan of cashmere myself, and seeing what Water Street looks and feels like in person, I know my stash is about to get exponentially larger.
December 09, 2015 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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