One-Skein Wonder

Knitting needles. Check. Pattern. Check. One skein of yarn. CHECK!

 Who doesn’t love a project that only requires one skein of yarn? The delightful one-skein wonder comes in all shapes and sizes. From a chunky knit hat that only requires 90 yards of Malabrigo Rasta, to a light lace stole that requires just 687 yards of Handmaiden Lino.

One-skein wonders are one of my favorite knitting projects. Knowing that the yarn in hand, being worked on from one stitch to the next, is all I need to complete a project, is something I find quite relaxing and exciting. Plus, they’re low maintenance, portable (I have a few in my Keep bag now), and speedy to knit.

Here are a few of my favorite one-skein wonders:

photo credit: Davina Choy

The Big Hat: A great gift. I’ve knit more of these than I can count, and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Twisted Turban Headband: A new favorite. The pattern calls for 106 yards of worsted-weight yarn, but I used a bulky weight instead. 45 yards and a few blinks later, I had a gift for my friend.

photo credit: Kieran Foley

Seascape Stole: This isn’t a super quick knit since the pattern calls for lace-weight yarn, but it’s so beautiful that I have been wanting to knit another.

Garland Cowl Kit: I haven’t knit this cowl yet, but I saw a sneak peak of the sample earlier this week, and now I must knit. Morning Frost, our limited edition Casbah yarn the kit comes with gives the cowl an opalescent sheen that you can’t take your eyes off of.

December 04, 2015 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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