The Keep 2.0

Back in 2013, we partnered with Marco Murillo and the extremely talented folks at The Good Flock to bring you The Keep, a modern knitting bag designed just for Knit Purl, and sold exclusively through us. The Keep was so well-loved, we collaborated with The Good Flock once again to bring you an updated version.

The Good Flock takes design and craftsmanship to an exceptional level. Their philosophy is one that we admire, and one that reiterates the thoughtful design process they go through to achieve beautiful products.

“The products we make can be buried in your backyard. They're made of wholesome things that won't hurt the earth or trees or worms—even the mean ones.”

According to Marco, part of the ease of collaborating with Knit Purl is our customers’ shared mindset. “Our customers care about quality over quantity. They want useful objects that are handcrafted.”

Made right here in Portland, The Keep is a meticulously crafted, chic and functional knitting bag. It’s made using a durable waxed canvas (black or gray) that can withstand the elements, wherever your knitting adventures take you.

The canvas is accented by a rich honey-colored leather. The leather base helps the bag stand upright, so you can work straight from your knitting bag. The updated leather handles have been elongated and contoured for a better fit over your shoulder, making it the perfect bag for those on the go.

The Keep now features two metal snaps on the inside top, to keep your knitting in and unwanted weather out. Stay organized with The Keep’s ten pockets. With five on the inside and five on the outside, you can easily find all your knitting essentials, and still have space for your patterns and tablet.

Not only does The Keep make a phenomenal knitting bag, but The Good Flock produced a modern and refined bag that can be used everyday. I know I plan on making it my go-to bag and I can’t wait to share with you what’s inside.

November 12, 2015 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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Brooke said:

Looks like it would be a great weekend or travel bag. Love the grey!

Sarah Turnbull said:

I love that it is made of biodegradable (or at least environmentally neutral) materials. Saving my pennies …

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