Yarn Love: Noro Rainbow Rolls

I admit, I’m easily swayed by bright, happy colors, especially in a single skein of yarn. Unfortunately the promise of these yarns is often much greater in the skein than in a finished product, where the colors may pool or contrast unappealingly.

Because of this, I have many single skeins in my stash that are purely eye candy, with no patterns planned for them. When I saw Noro’s new Rainbow Roll though, an unspun wool pencil roving resembling a giant lollipop, I knew just what to do with it—thrumming!

Thrumming is accomplished by knitting a bit of unspun roving into your project every few stitches. Thrumming creates a cushy and extremely warm fabric, perfect for winter accessories like mittens, slippers, and hats.

My first project will be making a pair of mittens for my little one that will take advantage of the Rainbow Roll’s rich color shifts without being eye searing.

Here are a few other thrummed patterns from Ravelry that would be ideal for the Rainbow Roll. Click through to learn more.


October 09, 2015 by Summer F
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Jennybeagle said:

I would love to Learn more about thrumming and what patterns are suitable the pictures of projects look wonderful and interesting

Summer F said:

Hi Jennybeagle, thanks for your comment! I actually don’t have tons of experience with thrumming either, so I’m excited to try something new. I’ve been looking at Stephanie McPhee’s (The Yarn Harlot) FAQ about thrumming. It should come up in a google search.

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