What We Knit: Keli's Brontasaurus

Recently, Keli came into the office with this adorable striped brontosaurus that she knit for a little girl. Everyone in the office squealed with delight upon seeing it. Pretty much everything about this dinosaur is impressive—the cool stripes; plump stuffing; beautiful, even stitching; and the twinkling eye.

Excited by this beautiful knitted object, I decided that we needed a more regular column for Knit Purl staffers to share their projects with blog readers. I sat down with Keli and asked her a few questions about this adorable toy.

Knit Purl: What do you like best about the project?
Keli: I was pretty delighted with the jogless jogs, and knitting the legs from picked-up stitches so they seemed to grow right out of the body was very satisfying. I also enjoy grafting, so closing up the top of the body was fun. And then the eyes were fiddly, but it was great to give the little guy some personality.

KP: Is there any particular reason you chose Shibui Staccato for the project?
KH: I chose Staccato because I was looking for a solid fingering-weight yarn to make a small, modern-looking toy. I thought the silk in Staccato would give the dinosaur "skin" a nice texture.

KP: How did you decide on the colors?
KH: I was originally thinking it would be fun to make a hot pink and gray dinosaur for a little girl, but we had dinner with the expectant parents right after a baby shower and they mentioned that they were already getting sick of pink. I decided to swap out the pink for a teal that matched the sweater the mother was wearing that day.

KP: What was the recipient's reaction?
KH: The little girl I made it for (who is just over a year old) had a cold and was busy eating dinner when I gave it to her. She shook it a few times and went back to her food. Later her mom said, "Can you give it some love?" and the little girl snuggled her cheek against it and grinned.

KP:Do you plan to knit any more toys?
KH: I think I proclaimed a few times that this was the first and last toy I'll knit, but last night I saw an awfully cute narwhal on Ravelry…. The dinosaur did make a great summer project, and I love that it won't be outgrown in a matter of months.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful knit with us, Keli! To find out more about Keli’s dinosaur, check out her Ravelry page here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/keliope/basil-the-boogie-woogie-brontosaurus

October 07, 2015 by Oleya Pearsall
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