Mixing Things up with Shibui's Dune

Shibui Knits just released their newest yarn, Dune, a springy DK weight made of baby alpaca, baby camel, and silk. This velvety blend makes for an extremely pleasant knitting experience, and will most certainly find a welcome spot in your stash.

A closer look at Dune reveals that it is actually composed of three plies of 2-ply yarn, making it a robust six-ply. This cabled yarn is perfect for fluid expanses of stockinette stitch, as well as textured pieces full of stitch definition. Curious about how it worked up, I took the opportunity to make a sample swatch with Dune and some other Shibui favorites.

Worked alone, Dune has a lovely soft hand, and is wonderfully bouncy due to its multi-ply structure. For the first part of the swatch, I knit Dune by itself on a US 6 needle. I found the fabric had enough structure for my liking, but also retained a good amount of body.

The Motif Wrap is a great way to showcase Dune, with the mixed texture of the stockinette and reverse stockinette blocks. Of course, mixing Dune with other Shibui yarns only expands the knitting possibilities. I decided to mix Dune with a few different lighter-weight Shibui yarns for a few more options.

In the second part of the swatch, I held Dune together with Staccato. Dune held together with Staccato forms a plump Aran-weight yarn. I found it knit comfortably on size US 10 needles at 4.5 stitches per inch. The two yarns create a lush, spongy fabric that would be perfect for a cozy fall sweater.

Shibui Mix No. 11, which originally calls for Baby Alpaca DK and Staccato, could easily be worked in Dune and Staccato, switching out the Baby Alpaca for Dune.

For the third part of the swatch, I held Dune together with Cima. This is the same combination used in the Column pullover pattern. Rustic and crisp, it knit up at a worsted weight at 5 stitches to the inch on size US 8 needles.

This fabric would be warm and cozy, well-suited for anything that needs an additional touch of texture. For a more tweedy effect, Column could also be knit with Dune and Pebble, which I used for the fourth section of the swatch.

I used Dune and Silk Cloud in the last section of the swatch. This combination forms one of my favorite fabrics to date. Knit on a size US 8 needle and at about 4.5 stitches to the inch, the spaces in the fabric are covered with the gentle haze of the mohair, and the feel of the fabric is simply amazing.

This buttery soft and silky texture glides effortlessly off the needles. This fabric is something I’d want to cover myself in. The Cornice pullover, written for Dune and Silk Cloud, would be just the thing I’d reach for when I needed a bit of warmth and comfort.

Dune is a welcome addition to Shibui’s luxurious lineup. The sumptuous blend of silk, camel, and alpaca is just full of possibilities for mixing and using alone or doubled.

What do you plan to make with Dune?

September 02, 2015 by Oleya Pearsall
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