New Brooklyn Tweed Color Ideas

Today, Brooklyn Tweed released five new colors in both the Shelter and Loft palettes. This exciting news opens up a whole new range of design possibilities and color combination ideas. The new colors easily nestle in with the existing ones, yet stand on their own beautifully.

Curious to see how these colors would work in a design, I searched Knit Purl’s pattern inventory for ideas. I wanted to find something that used multiple colors, but wouldn’t be too warm for the summer. I settled on the Vector Wrap, a rectangular garter stitch wrap knit on the bias. It’s a perfect project for playing with color, and the pattern is easily memorized—perfect for taking with you on a summer trip.

Using the new colors as my starting point, I came up with a few different color combinations for the Vector Wrap.

For this red and purple combination, I chose Cinnabar, Long Johns, Homemade Jam, Thistle, and Plume. I love the brightness the Cinnabar brings to this combination, and the red to purple gradient is so pretty. This would make a very eye-catching Vector Wrap!

For this earthy yellow-green combination, I chose Bale, Hayloft, Fauna, Artifact, and Meteorite. Bale is pale yellow with subtle flecks of orange and brown, and I love how it looks with the golds, greens, and browns in the color palette. This is probably one of my favorite gradients.

For this blue and purple combination, I chose Tartan, Almanac, Old World, Plume, and Soot. Tartan is definitely one of my favorite new colors. It’s such a deep, vibrant teal, and it looks great with all the blues and purples in the palette. It’s a nice pop of color in this otherwise dark color combination.

For this blue and grey combination, I chose Sweatshirt, Faded Quilt, Flannel, Almanac, and Old World. I liked the idea of a subtle blue and grey gradient Vector Wrap that would go well with jeans. The new color Flannel fits right in with the grey/blue color spectrum.

And for those thinking about getting a jump start on their fall knitting (I certainly am!), I have another combination for you. I thought the Flight Pullover would be perfect for playing with some of the new colors. Since I have fall on the brain, I chose some autumnal hues: Tallow, Bale, Wool Socks, Embers, and Pumpernickel.

I envisioned Pumpernickel being used for the body of the pullover like in the original pattern, and the other colors for the Bohus-style yoke. This color combination makes me think of leaves changing color in the Autumn. Just thinking about it makes me so excited for fall.

I hope these ideas inspire you to try some of the new Brooklyn Tweed colors, and see what new combinations you can come up with!

July 15, 2015 by Oleya Pearsall
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