World Wide Knit in Public Day

The days are getting longer and the weather is beginning to warm up. It feels like the perfect time of year to sit and knit outside with friends. Knitting’s portable nature lends itself well to outdoor events, and it just so happens that there is actually an entire day dedicated to the act of knitting in public. It’s called World Wide Knit in Public Day, or WWKIP Day for short. It takes place the second Saturday in June every year, and there are events worldwide. This year, Knit Purl will be taking part.

On Saturday, June 13, from 11:00 am–2:00 pm, Knit Purl will host a WWKIP Day event in downtown Portland’s Director Park. We’ll have fun demonstrations, activities, and more, including a rope demo from our Structure of Knitting class!

World Wide Knit in Public Day is the largest knitter-run event in the world, and it’s run solely by the help of volunteers. It was started 10 years ago by Danielle Landes, a knitter who wanted to find a way to bring the often solitary act of knitting out in the open. Taking part in this event is a great way to meet other knitters and share the activity of knitting with the public.

Even if you’re not in Portland, you can still join in on the fun. The World Wide Knit in Public Day website has a list of events taking place all around the world. Even if there isn’t an event listed in your neighborhood, you can always start up your own informal gathering. Whether it’s a group of two, or a group of fifty, knitting in public is a fun way to get out and show off your craft to the world!
June 02, 2015 by Oleya Pearsall
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