Warm-Weather Knitting

For some, knitting is strictly considered a cold-weather activity, bringing to mind thoughts of warm, cozy sweaters and thick, cushy scarves. Thoughts of knitting in hot weather might be too much to bear. But there’s no reason to put your knitting needles down for a season. Knitting during the summer can be fun and rewarding. Here are a few reasons why:

Wool lovers, rejoice! For those who might think twice about knitting a wool t-shirt, think again: wool can actually help you stay cool in the summer. Wool’s breathable qualities can regulate body temperature, absorb and evaporate moisture, and help reduce sweat and odor.

For those who just can’t bear the thought of working with wool during the summer, think of it as an excuse to try out a new type of yarn. There are quite a few plant fiber options to explore, in a variety of textures and weights. Some staff favorites include Joseph Galler Inca-Eco, and Juniper Moon Farms Zooey. Plant fiber yarns perform beautifully in lightweight accessories, like Shibui’s L.1 scarf in Shibui Linen (pictured above) and the Sea Salt Cowl in Hand Maiden Lino.

Consider knitting smaller projects, like toys, socks, and jewelry. In addition to being a lot easier to manage when it’s warm, they are great to take on summer trips, whether you’re going on a road trip or trekking across the globe. Best of all, they can be instantly gratifying!

Knit sleeveless tops! A vest or sleeveless top can be a quick project (no pesky sleeves to worry about) and a great entry into the world of garments if you’ve never made a sweater before. Vasa is one of my favorites, and I’ve just started one in Shibui Twig. Some other sleeveless options are Shibui Mix. No. 15 and Shibui Slope.

Take advantage of the abundant natural light and longer days, and take your knitting outside. Portable projects can be packed up and taken to the beach, out camping, or at the park. For those seeking a more social experience, World Wide Knit in Public Day is June 13th, which is a wonderful time to knit outside in the company of others.

I can’t imagine setting my knitting aside when the mercury rises. Even during the warmer months, there is still something soothing about the clicking of needles and creating fabric.  With all the sunlight, outdoor knitting opportunities, and project options available, I find more reasons to knit during the summer than not. Warm weather knitting is a great excuse to continue to indulge in your favorite hobby, so why not give it a try?

May 27, 2015 by Oleya Pearsall
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Chris said:

Can you tell which colors of Shibui Linen you used in the Shibui L1 scarf?

Looks to be Poppy, Sidewalk, Ash & Suit?

THank you!

Knit Purl said:

Hi Chris,

You’re close! It’s Poppy, Sidewalk, Graphite, and Suit!

Jeanne said:

So which ones are color A,B,C,D ? I love this combination and would like to duplicate it.

Knit Purl said:

Hi Jeanne,

A is Sidewalk, B is Graphite, C is Poppy, and D is Suit!

Jeanne said:

That’s exactly what I thought, but wanted to confirm. It’s beautiful.
Thank You

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