The Knitted Farmyard

Last winter I fell in love with a splendid book titled “The Knitted Farmyard”. Commander in Chief, a.k.a. Sandy, had an old out of print copy and she graciously shared it with me. Inside were recipes for knitted chickens, farmers, and crops. There were pigs, horses, cows, a virtual plethora of ungulates. It was the best of both worlds: knitting book and toys. I vowed to find a copy to call my own.

Rumor has it the book was originally written eons ago by a German woman named Hannelore Wernhard. It was eventually translated into English and became a book available in England. Sometime in the mid-eighties the book was again reprinted and sold here in the US. It just became available again.

Management, a.k.a. Commander in Chief, suggested I make a knitted farmyard for our store window display. Now, I may love toys and yarn but an entire farm seemed a bit daunting. However, I consider myself “management material” and quickly delegated out all the different projects to staff, class instructors, virtual strangers… frankly any warm body that walked through the door.

We thought it might make an ideal summer project for a knit-along. The projects are small and utilize all those scraps of yarn moldering in stash. Plus each farm is so personalized. There is no end to the creative process.

I think all of the projects use fingering weight yarn but I’ve found the need to purchase some Hifa, Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, and Sea Silk for special colors. I’m also excited to use up some of my scrap Koigu for clothing.

So I invite everyone to join in on the fun and knit a chicken, a farmer, some crops, an ungulate or two. Take a picture and post it on Flickr. Then send me a note so all can see your lovely pretties.

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July 24, 2007 by Sara M
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