One Small Asian Man

The procedure for cranium reduction is a very involved process. Like all reconstructive surgeries, the end result is reached (or nearly so) through several complicated sequences.

Currently on the gurney is a small Asian man:

The chief surgeon, i.e. me, first tried the poly-fill liposuction technique, followed by a reshaping process through several very painful felting procedures. The short row jaw helps to define the shape, redistribute volume, and create an optical illusion that fools the viewer into seeing a Richard Kiel-esque profile. While the end result does not look spectacular, the overall skull volume was reduced by 60%.He now only has a slight “big-headed” issue and even with his Asian heritage, he now appears to look like some of my most beloved family members. Additionally he might be able to one day stand on his own with out the aid of arc-boutant.

Most of the items for the Knitted Farmyard Knit-along are progressing, with the exception my farmer and some creatively placed udders, rather smoothly. The other farmers, this one knitted by Sandy Kay look like regular folk.

More on Sandy Kay at the end of this blog.

I ask you, dear reader, who exactly is “regular folk”? If this farm is to represent the masses; the trials of life; the human experience; shouldn’t all walks of life have a place on the farm? Can not the young farmhand caught in a nasty combine accident still feed the chickens from his wheelchair? I believe he can. I see all races, all sexes, and all levels of ability co-existing peacefully on this idyllic wooly Xanadu. Therefore, my small Asian is a metaphor for all people who feel “different”. He is a beacon for the unloved to realize they too are worthy of human compassion and affection. He is a symbol of hope.

Now back to Sandy Kay.

She is such a show off. Look at her perfectly-headed farmer. She even knit Hifa clothes! I ask you, what kind of Xanadu is it where people wear clothing, even if they are knitted? If you check out the Jaimeson’s dog she knitted, you can see it not only has character but expression. His head is slightly cocked as if to say, “Wanna play ball?” I must destroy her.

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July 30, 2007 by Sara M
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