Endless Possibilities

I feel like the cat’s pajamas.

I’ve succeeded threefold:

I’ve created through knitting something functional, yet stylish.

I’ve convinced my roommate, a.k.a. non-knitter, that knitting is really cool (again).

I’ve also convinced the non-knitter we need felted throw pillows to be used as extra seating. (I imagine she believed it a bit too “Miss Bates”)

All because I knitted a flower pot sling for our balcony out of hemp.

Now the photos are from my cell phone so they’re awful. I was too chicken to hang over the balcony to show the purse stitch panel that runs from front to back, but I think the linen stitch side panels are visible. Now, take note of the skillful square knot fastening:

Ooo! Aah! Oh!

Right now, I’m so high from my victory, I’m channeling Martha and I think I’ll match the floral notes in the wing-backed chair with the new Schaefer yarn. Perhaps I’ll create a flower or two as accents out of Malabrigo.

The possibilities are endless

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August 03, 2007 by Sara M
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