What the?

Are you kidding me!?!?!?

I am so angry with that guy at Staples I. I… well I’ll write a strongly worded letter, that’s what I’ll do. A letter filled with phrases like: “balky attitude”, “snide insouciance”, and “flagrant disregard for all things woolen”. Why I’m so mad I just might become insulting

“Thou gleeking rump-fed varlot and devotee of all things acrylic! You shall stifle in your own report, and smell of calumny.”*

Excuse me for a moment…


Now that I’ve taken a moment to roll around in some yarn to compose myself, I hereby swear that’s the last time I buy a computer with the add on of “Self Blog”.

For those of you who patiently waited for a report from Knit Purl land (which was everyone except Jasmine), I apologize. I’ll only assume there was patience because I received no withering glances, strongly worded letters, or well-thrown and artfully worded correspondence tied with a lovely masonry bow. Thank you. The last thing we want to do as the cold weather approaches is to replace windows.

There is so much to discuss and so little virtual paper, so I’ll have to piece meal topics in several installments until I have everyone hooked on the blog, er… uh, reading the blog again.

Topic A number 1: the Cookie (A) monster is coming! I am sooo excited! Think about this people:

I work in a yarn store.

A good yarn store with hot yarn.

The yarn is so hot it’s like working in an environment with scantily-clad Brazilian Supermodels who lounge about all day getting massages from swarthy buff internationally known actors.

All that, and I’m still excited about taking classes with Cookie A. The toe up sock class will be fun and evidently it’s her most popular, but the design you own sock class really has me in a whirl.

Finally, I will have a human being tell me “Traveling cables on a linen stitch background with short row shaped toes? Yeah, no problem.” Okay so she might just say, “Have you taken your meds today?” there’s no guarantee.

Topic B number 2:
The felted hat for the nephew is ready for it’s watery transformation. The Malabrigo Chunky was the most exquisite 100% wool I’ve knit with in a long while… Several customers have come in with their knitted Malabrigo and each item has this lovely softness that is reminiscent of angora. The ribbed short row band is made from Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. I went with this yarn because of it’s color but because most sock yarn is super-wash, next time I’ll play with plumper yarn.

At the end of a wash cycle or two I might have a hat or I might have an interesting felted bowl. I’m hoping for the former because there is little time left for holiday knitting. Which brings me to…

Topic C number 3:

THERE IS NO TIME LEFT!!!!! No seriously, if you don’t believe me then click on the link above. Do you see? We need to make game plans and decide if everyone gets socks and gloves, or hats, or if one person gets the special handmade gift.

I always feel so ahead of the game if I find something for a family member in September or October for the holiday season. With knitted gifts, I should have found that perfect yarn last August!

Ugh, I think I need to roll in some yarn again…

* I feel that’s what the Bard would say if he were here.

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October 26, 2007 by Sara M
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