5 days late and, uh, a barrel short?

[Bad blogger, no cookie, I know. ]

BUT, our Sip’n’Stitchers will be thrilled (I hope so, anyway) to know that we rounded up over 100 lbs worth of food for the Oregon Food Bank on Dec 20th! I even managed to take a picture that doesn’t really show our achievement:


[I know, it’s a special talent.]

But, I put in the OFB label with an arrow so you’d know that the barrel o’ foodstuffs really was there and got filled close to the brim. It has since been taken away and hopefully the food been distributed to those who need it.

Go knitters! I have to admit to being impressed. Several knitters dropped by just to donate to the OFB. They had other commitments, but made the time to cross town and help out. The Harlot’s right, knitters tend to be a generous breed.

I am so proud of you guys!

Next time [read: week]: Our upcoming large-scale fundraiser for Heifer International! Get ready to do something amazing come the New Year. And, oooh, a look at sock yarn…

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December 25, 2007 by Sara M
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