There is Nothin’ Like a Dane

Ninja, my officemate keeps running his mouth in a pseudo Schwarzenegger imitation, saying “Fana Hulk-enburg! Fana Hulk-enburg!”.

Some may notice his error. (Hanne Falkenberg is Danish while Schwarzenegger is Austrian.) Still it’s mildly amusing because he looks more Hanne than Arnold. We love him nevertheless.

The arrival of Hanne Falkenberg trunk show garments precipitated this behavior and I can’t fault him because the store is in an uproar. Lookie here:

As you can see from the various blurred images with torsos seemingly devoid of appendages, the co-workers are excited. They have reason to be excited because Hanne’s designs are hot. Not the uncomfortable kinda hot but rather the cool kinda hot. She has designs that use color combinations only savants could dream up. Coffee, black, and cyclamen? Who knew. I really find this photo amusing as well:

It reminds me of a troop of lions around the kill on the Serengeti. One of the wiser lions is surveying the scene for scavengers like hyena. The others are making quick business of the kill with fangs and claws. Here’s another shot of the lookout lion in a stunning number:
Don’t you just love that jacket? It looks great on her. Number One’s convinced she can’t wear Promenade without it wearing her. She’s decided she’ll knit Dacapo instead which is still a great choice. Hanne has quite a few choices for all body types and they are in size Dane versus size Japanese. The construction is stellar with short-rows worked in only one color for visual interest. Hanne also has refill service on her designs so if you knit one color you can buy just the yarn in another color combination for a bit less. If you can’t come in and try them on in person, I suggest you check them out on her site.

With all of this news of Hanne, I should also mention Ruth Sorenson who is scheduled to teach classes here right after Madrona. (If you don’t know what the word Madrona means, stay tuned for a post on the subject) There are only a few spots left in her class (one of which will be filled by the Blogger). I can only decipher a few words of Danish but she does include some English translations on her blog posts and some super-fly pictures.

One of the classes entails working on a bag for fulling. As you can see it’s quite cute and Ruth, like Hanne, is also a master on construction. There is nothin’ like a Dane for well constructed cute knitwear. I’m really pleased she’s teaching here too because the server for online sign up for Madrona crashed (my personal nomination for fiasco of the year) and that denied some knitters a spot in her classes up north. The Harlot was right to point out how everyone (even knitters) underestimate the all-powerful knitter and their numbers. I as a knitter and geek (albeit a mediocre geek with only stick-to-itiveness and few skills unlike the Super Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys of Doom like K-Dawg and my roommate Speedy*) I frequently find myself believing something on the website is broken because everyone is buying periwinkle Sea Silk (Montego Bay scarf) and Kauni EQ (Kauini Cardigan).

Yeah the code is broken. People can’t actually be buying yarn for a project. I’m simple sometimes.

*Our lawyers have asked us to distance ourselves from Speedy’s blog by mentioning that we take no responsibility for her indifference, neigh complete disregard for political correctness, her alternative lifestyle, and/or her political affiliations. She’s an enigma and we like her that way.

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February 06, 2008 by Sara M
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