No Rest for the Weary…

..or is it the wicked?

My great-grandmother, “Grand Mutter”, had a nasty habit of mumbling idioms and now I can always remember the spirit of this scary bad-ass east Texas woman every time I think of one.
Remember “Stupid is as stupid does“? How about “Whistling girls and crowing hens always come to some bad end”? Betcha never heard “Beatcha like my ugly red-headed step child” or “Snatch ya ball-headed”.
Yeah, that was Grand Mutter and boy was she the life of the party.
The trouble is because I hear them so infrequently nowadays, they’ve managed to swim around in my head and copulate and I’m left befuddled with: “Idle hands are the Devil’s…” What?
It’s particularly trying on my sanity because they always seem to come to mind during bouts of insomnia.

1 am:
Idle hands are the Devil’s campground.
No don’t do this. Go to sleep. Try some chamomile.

1:40 am:
Idle hands are the Devil’s toolbox.
Stop it. Sleep already crazy person. Try some music. Maybe jazz.

1:52 am:
Chet Baker or Leonard Cohen not Charlie Parker. Sleep making music you moron!
Don’t call us a moron.
We can call us a moron if we want. Whatcha gonna do about it?
Idle hands are the Devil’s FourRunner… or is it Fore Runner?
Fine. We are goin’ for the big guns now: rooibos with the valerian root paired with the dulcet tones of Francoise Hardy and Claudine Longet. That’ll fix it.

3:29 am:
Idle hands are the Devil’s…
Blog! Work on the blog and how we can’t sleep and…
Do you want people to think we’re meshuge?
We’re sure they’ve figured it out all ready.
You know, we could always just use the Google-fu and look it…
No! we’ll remember all on our own, or we’ll forget about it.

4:07 am:
Idle hands are the Devil’s playstation.
It’s not playstation… Playstation. Hmm, solitaire or maybe Brick Breaker?
Idle hands are the Devil’s Brick Breaker?
No idiot. Maybe we should play a video game.
Don’t call us idiot. Play Brick Breaker.
No, if we are going to play something it should be yarn. Still have that True Plies experience to blog about.

(Habu’s Fique. McLovin’ it!)

We could also tease those that read the blog with the new new new news of the “Catherine Lowe event spectacular”
Yeah she’s cool but she totally deserves her own post…
…devoid of the Blogger’s sleepless mad rantings. Yeah, we’re right.
There’s always the lace design work for the spring Gratis Knits to work on. Oooh!

We can totally bust out the Swiss Mountain lovely-goodness and the beads and play yarn à la Ruth Sørenson.

It’s reeaallly late. We should just try to get some rest.

4:49 am:
Idle hands…
Fine we’ll look it up.

The find

Well it could be anything. Most importantly though, we don’t care anymore. So there. Nanner, nanner, nanner. Sleep is ours at last!
Is it wicked or weary?
No rest for the…

Kill me.

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March 12, 2008 by Sara M
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