Gratis Knits: Summer 2008

Hello friends. I’d like to introduce you to a lovely woman by the name of…

well to enhance her burgeoning fame, let us now call her:

Fabulous Farrah.(bling bling)
How I wish I had the mad-skills to make little diamond-dust sparkles erupt as you read her name. I can only manage a meager (bling bling).

Fabulous Farrah (bling bling), designed the Basket Weave Baby Hat for the wee ones of the world. Her original design was created out of Cascade 220 (my personal favorite work-horse yarn) but Fyberduck and I found the hat is just as elastic (great for growing noggins) in Rowan’s All Season’s Cotton.

For those not familiar with the blog, each quarter we in blog-land will rifle through submissions from you and post a free pattern to our readers (all two of you). In return the person whose submission was chosen receives (drumroll):

An Authentic Knit Purl gift card loaded (with our meager budget) to the hilt with gauranteed real, fifty American dollars!

That’s right friends. No Samoleans, Whozits, Manants, or homemade coupons for free foot massages here. Real money to buy yarn.

That kind of added purchase power is like a drug. It makes people giddy with happiness. So much so that they are moving so fast they are blurry in photographs.

Also included is street cred folks. Without it (as we all know) you can’t “throw down” in a Westside Story-esque Knit-off. People won’t have documented proof of your mad skills, yo dawg!

Congratulations Fabulous Farrah(bling bling)!
Without further ado:

Basket Weave Baby Hat
By Farrah Weinert(bling bling)

Infant (Toddler)
[14” (16”) head circumference]

1 ball each of 2 colors of Rowan Cotton Purelife (100% Organic Cotton, 120m / 131y per 50g ball)
Colors shown: 986 (grey), 981 (white)

2 circular needles Size 3.25mm/ US3 (16”, 20”, or 24” will work) OR
Set of 5 3.25mm/ US3 DPNs
Tapestry needle

36 sts & 32 rows = 4” in “Basket Weave Pattern” (after blocking)
24 sts & 32 rows = 4” in st st


K2, P2 Rib: (multiple of 4 sts)
Every rnd: *K2, P2* around.

Basket Weave Pattern: (multiple of 12 sts)

Rnds 1 & 2: (K10, P2) around
Rnds 3 & 4: (K2, P6, K2, P2) around
Rnds 5 & 6: (K10, P2) around
Rnds 7 & 8: (K4, P2, K6) around
Rnds 9 & 10: ([P2, K2] twice, P4) around
Rnds 11 & 12: (K4, P2, K6) around


MC Main color
CC Contrast color
DPN Double-pointed needle
CO Cast on
K Knit
P Purl
Sts Stitches
Rnd Round
K2tog Knit 2 sts together

With MC and first needle, CO 84 sts. Divide evenly between needles and join in rnd being careful not to twist sts.
Work in “K2, P2 Rib” for 1” (1 ½)”. [For a brim that folds up, work in rib for 2 ½” (3)”.]

Hat Body:
Work in Basket Weave Pattern” for 2”.
Change to CC and continue in pattern for 1”.

Crown Shaping:

Rnd 1: (K12, K2tog) around
Rnds 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12: K around
Rnd 3: (K11, K2tog) around
Rnd 5: (K10, K2tog) around
Rnd 7: (K9, K2tog) around
Rnd 9: (K8, K2tog) around
Rnd 11: (K7, K2tog) around
Rnd 13: (K6, K2tog) around
Rnd 14: (K5, K2tog) around
Rnd 15: (K4, K2tog) around
Rnd 16: (K3, K2tog) around
Rnd 17: (K2, K2tog) around
Rnd 18: (K1, K2tog) around
Rnd 19: K2tog around

Break yarn, leaving a 10” tail. Using the tapestry needle, draw tail through the remaining sts. Draw tight and weave in ends. Block lightly.

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June 28, 2008 by Sara M
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