The latest crazy plan.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, The Blogger and I have a tendency to hatch weird and slightly insane schemes when we’re left in an office alone together. The latest and greatest of our grand plans…

The Summer SKIF KAL (you may have read The Blogger’s post…)

Which is why I can happily blame my latest yarn addiction, to Joseph Galler Inca Cotton, on The Blogger and be completely honest. It’s proving to be a lot of fun to work with.

If you’re concerned with tackling a SKIF pattern on your own, you may want to enroll in The Blogger’s SKIF Knit-a-long Emergency Aid Class. Students will receive (aside from help knitting the sweater of your choice) a 10% discount on all yarn, needles, and goodies they buy to participate AND a free mini-workshop with Fearless Leader on sewing handknit garments with a sewing machine. If you don’t want to enroll, that’s totally cool. Join us anyway, and we’ll all keep each other going.

Because, on July 31st (during our weekly SipNStitch), we’ll be hosting the first ever

Knit Purl Catwalk Party

SKIF KAL participants will be invited* to walk down the red carpet (oh yeah, we got one) and show off their mad knitting skills to the world.

So, c’mon, join us. It’ll be fun. Honestly.

*Don’t put it past us to inebriate you to get you up there.

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July 01, 2008 by Sara M
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