Rhapsody in … Spruce?

We were visited by KnittingInMind from Seattle yesterday so she could show off her latest FO, a Rhapsody in Lace & Ruffles using ShibuiKnits Baby Alpaca DK:


Oh, yeah, feel the sweet alpaca bliss.

She decided that she wanted some more ShibuiKnits yarn for her next wicked WIP, which is when we (okay, 3M) managed to get an “action” shot, too:


(am I the only one reminded of Carmen?)

Anyway. We love to see beautiful (and even not-so-beautiful) WIPs, FOs, and crazy projects you might be planning. Bring ’em by the store and we just might post ’em all over the Interwebs.

Now, for those of you (unlike The Blogger, I think we have more than 2 subscribers*) who are more interested in crazy projects than beautiful FO’s (I know you exist), here’s some eye candy taken by The Blogger, who was a little trigger-happy yesterday and produced a collection d’art focused on our SKIF KAL progress:

Zena at 40%

Zena Action Shot

Zena Fabric Waves

Zena Fabric Waves

Now, The Blogger’s Zena makes me a little embarrassed because I didn’t embrace the SKIF philosophy as much as my coworkers**. But, in my defense, at least I managed to get the organic feel of the pattern copacetic with my yarn choice.

Reclining Neptune

Neptune Back Detail

Neptune Action Shot

The Blogger and I have been making steady progress, clearly, but one has to wonder: will we finish in time to walk down the Catwalk? Or, like so many knitters before us who didn’t gauge their knitting time well, will we end up walking down that red carpet with half a sleeve un-knit, circular needles still hanging in distress, glaringly obvious?

Clearly I have no anxiety at all about finishing on time. Which explains perfectly why I bought enough yarn for another SKIF sweater yesterday***. As I have often said, denial was a necessary development in human evolution. Without it we’d never have left the caves, crossed any oceans, or CO that 13th pair of socks OTN just because.

And, anyway, that Tsumugi silk looks ever so nice in my stash right now.

*not many more than 2, admittedly.
**Yes, yes, I cheated. I admit it. Move on.

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July 18, 2008 by Sara M
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