September Sock released… spoiler alert!

Beware, beware! There art spoilers in this here post, that might catch the unwary most fiendishly…

Okay, they’re not huge spoilers (my one photo is pathetically blurry and the other one I’m borrowing doesn’t show the pattern in detail, mwahaha), but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for those of you who are waiting patiently for your package in the mail. Which, incidentally, we sent out this morning:


Pity our mail carrier, Gina. She took the shock well, it must be said.

In other news, before we get to the spoilers, Tami came in to show off her Deep Blue Sea Sinuate Scarf (say that 3x fast) which she finished just over a week ago. She used Marnie MacLean’s pattern and her own handspun yarn. The yarn was spun using two hanks of Fleece Artist Blue-faced Leicester, I think (the same stuff I made my muffin cap with). Seem to remember her buying them a while back. I’m sure we can all agree that the finished scarf is gorgeous:


I hope Tami will forgive us for the blurriness of the photo, we’ve been having technical difficulties with the camera again.

And, finally, last but not least…

I bring you SPOILERS

Let’s see, let’s see. I don’t want to ruin too much of the surprise, but also know that some of you are sitting on the fence waiting for the release to decide whether you want to join in the fun or not.

The September kit (both the yarn and the pattern) was designed around the popular Portland neighborhood, “The Pearl”. The yarn was specially commissioned from Koigu and the pattern was designed by Portland local Sarah Pope. And I’ll admit right now that my picture to the right isn’t much of a spoiler, since it’s so blurry you can barely see either the sock or the kit… but, hey, it gives all y’all an idea of what we’re sending out this month.

Kim, a.k.a. akimbo on ravelry, has lent us the use of her photos, which are much nicer than mine (she used a photobox and everything).


(Bless her.)

I think that’s everything important that’s happened in the past couple days. If not, it’ll pop up in the next post. Also, I’m going to corner our two new employees Leslie and Nancy for a nice photo and introduction.

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September 02, 2008 by Sara M
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