Ladies & Gents, it’s time for another YarNews Flash!

We’ve got not one, not even three, but FOUR new yarns for your tactile pleasure. All arrived yesterday and were just put up on the New Wall. First off, temping us all greatly here, are the three new Art Yarns lines:

2 new Art Yarns lines
  1. Top row: Cashmere Sock Yarn. 65% Cashmere/ 25% Wool/ 8% Nylon. 146m/ 146y per 50g skein with a gauge of 22sts = 10cm/ 4″ on 4.5mm/ US 6 needles. Yummy. Can you image how glorious a pair of socks made with this yarn would feel? At the moment we only carry 6 colors (one of which was bought up immediately!), but we might be getting in more if it turns out to be as popular as it should.
  2. Bottom row, left: Silk Pearl & Sequins. 100% Silk strung with glass beads and sequins. 71m/ 78u per 50g skein with a gauge of 17sts = 10cm/ 4″. Available in 5 colors. Don’t get me wrong, I like this yarn, it’s very fun and lovely to touch – but it strikes me as the perfect accessory for a European Discotheque. Still, would be a lot of fun to work with.
  3. Bottom row, right: Beaded Mohair & Sequins. 80% Silk/ 20% Mohair strung with glass beads and sequins. 104m/ 114y per 50g skein with a gauge of 18 sts = 10cm/ 4″. Available in 4 colors. A slightly lighter version of its all-silk sibling, but with a gentle halo. Still sparkly and fun, but probably quite a bit warmer for handknit garments.

Fourth on the New Wall is the latest Noro creation:

Noro Yuzen

Noro Yuzen. “Yuzen” is actually a Japanese dyeing technique used to paint kimonos and paper for origami. This line comes in skeins, not balls, and features more subdued tweedy colors. It’s absolutely lovely, and if it didn’t have mohair in it I’d have bought a bag. In any case, the blend is 56% Wool/ 34% Silk/ 10% Mohair. Each 50g skein has 110m/ 121y with a gauge of 16 – 18 sts = 10cm/ 4″. It’s a solid worsted-weight that’ll be great for winter garments.

And, finally, completely unrelated to YarNews…

A wip photo of my in-progress Seraphim Shawl, the “Manta Ray” as 3M calls it:

Seraphim Shawl wip

Made with Knit Purl’s The Natural Collection yarn in a color best described as “Cochineal”. Aside from a long-standing desire to make this shawl, I thought it would be appropriate to have it finished in time for Miriam Felton‘s visit in November. Yes, you heard me right. The designer of the Icarus Shawl and Juno Reginan Stole is coming to Portland to teach to two 1-day workshops at Knit Purl.

I really want to take the Intro to Lace Design class…

Anyway. It seemed a cool way to welcome her (okay, showing off) when she got here and a great reason to use the yarn I had originally stashed for this project in December.

Ahem. This wip might be a reoccuring topic over the next month… But it should be buffered with tons of YarNews, store workings and customer wips/ fos (which we haven’t been seeing many of lately, where are you guys?).

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September 25, 2008 by Sara M
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