Sock knitting seems to be taking over the world.

Well, the knitting world, anyway. Aside from a truly exceptional “No Mean Feet!” last night (record turnout!), we’ve just got word of a new limited edition series from Schaefer Yarns, Sock The Vote…

Schaefer Yarn's Sock The Vote

If you’re not allergic to mohair, you can get a skein (or two!) of sock yarn dyed for your favorite politician/ politician’s wife in the Presidential race. I’m not bitter that it only comes in Anne, no, not at all. Grr.

If we’re lucky, this yarn will be in stock soon (it’s on order).

But, back to “No Mean Feet!”, we got pictures proving that sock knitters are indeed on the rise. We had to enlarge our knitting circle twice last night – welcoming several new visitors:

"No Mean Feet!" 10/6 (1)

It was, as always, lots of fun. I wish I could go add more to this post, but a Newsletter went out on Friday and we are just drowning in web orders. Until Thursday, happy knitting!

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October 07, 2008 by Sara M
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